Ohio State gives dogs ammo with Michigan-colored fire hydrants (PHOTO)

Ohio State has made the area around their College of Veterinary Medicine a lot

Boyfriend plays shopping basketball with girlfriend at Target (VIDEO)

This is your normal boyfriend and girlfriend shopping at Target. We’ve all been

Bowler Dick Allen gives epic answer during interview (PHOTO)

Professional bowler Dick Allen strayed from the classic “one play at a time”

Former NHL Player attacks opponent with stick during warm-ups (VIDEO)

During warm-ups before a Swedish playoff hockey game between Rogle BK and VIK

Miguel Cabrera stole the Phillie Phanatic’s keys (VIDEO)

The Phillie Phanatic fell victim to the quick hands of Miguel Cabrera Sunday during a spring training game when Cabrera stole the keys to Phanatic’s ATV. In actuality, Miggy was

Larry Fitzgerald tees off atop mountain in South Africa (PHOTO)

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald teed off from atop the Hanglip Mountain in South Africa while playing the Extreme 19th at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort the highest (1,300 feet)

Videos of Michigan State students “rioting” in Cedar Village

So hundreds, maybe thousands, of Michigan State students tried to re-create the debauchery Sunday evening that first occurred back in 1998 when Michigan State lost to Duke in the Final

Tigers worth $1.125 billion according to Forbes

According to an article published in Forbes magazine, the Detroit Tigers are worth $1.125 BILLION. For those scoring at home, that’s a 65 percent increase over last year’s estimate of

Soccer team celebrates goal, then immediately gives up a goal (VIDEO)

A rough and tumble woman on the train in St. Louis once told my cousin that nobody likes a showoff.  That lady would have absolutely hated this soccer team in

READ: Michigan TE coach Jay Harbaugh sends note to TE recruit’s girlfriend

Major college football and basketball recruiting is a dirty game.  Michigan tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh, son of Jim Harbaugh, got down and dirty by sending a note to the