10/7/86: Today in Steve Yzerman history

And if the way you felt getting out bed this morning didn’t make

Best Pavel Datsyuk Vine ever

Pavel Datsyuk is so hot right now…and still currently rehabbing his ankle and

Classic Old Sports Commercial Part 1: “Bo Knows”

It’s Always Sunny in Detroit will be reliving the olden days by posting

VIDEO: Clemson fans went all adult slip and slide during tailgate before Notre Dame game

The tailgating prior to this past Saturday’s Clemson-Notre Dame game got a bit

VIDEO: Clemson fan does AWFUL looking faceplant during Notre Dame tailgate

Dozens of his peeps gathered around to watch this (hopefully drunk) Clemson fan overshoot his front flip and do a NASTY-looking face plant onto the asphalt. I emphasize NASTY-looking.  His

Peewee football players stop playing to “whip” and “nae nae”

When Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” come over the loud speaker, things can get pretty hype.  So hype that the Milford Mighty Mites stopped their intra-squad scrimmage to ‘whip’ and

Lions fans buy billboards after refs blow “batgate” call

Get out from under your rock if you haven’t seen, heard, been diluted by replays and complaints about Monday night’s Calvin Johnson fumble which I dubbed the “Most Lions Play”

Kelly Stafford bought shots for Lions fans in Seattle

Kelly Stafford came across a friend of a friend sporting a Matthew Stafford jersey in Seattle on Monday. So she did what any mega-hot wife of an NFL quarterback would

VIDEO: High school football players fail to shake hands, get flagged

The captains who met at midfield when Miramar and Flanagan in a Florida high school football game Friday failed to get the memo that shaking hands is customary before a

VIDEO: Calvin Johnson’s fumble = the most Lions play ever

The Lions were inches away from taking the lead in a game they had zero business being in, but then Calvin Johnson’s fumbled through the back of the end zone