Le’Veon Bell dunks a basketball, pulls sled during rehabilitation

Le’Veon Bell is #OnAMission to prove that he’s recovering well from surgery to

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande have a lip sync conversation

I don’t care what you say, Jimmy Fallon is a genius.  As much

VIDEO: High school kicker kicks 76-yard field goal

This is what it looks like when a high school kicker kicks a

Evidence of Johan Franzen’s concussion symptoms

Johan Franzen, who is still under contract but has only played two games

VIDEO: Tigers OF Tyler Collins flips off crowd after losing ball in the lights

Tyler Collins lost a ball in the lights Monday night and instead of coping to reality, he flipped off the booing Tigers fans.  Look, anyone who has ever played baseball

VIDEO: Gigi Hadid’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Outtakes

Gigi Hadid is top five. She posted for the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in Bora Bora. Here are the outtakes, which are the furthest thing from a bore-uh bore-uh.

VIDEO: Jose Iglesias takes field with his son

Prior to every home Tigers game, the team allows nine children to take the field and wait for the Tigers to take their positions.  They then receive a ball from

VIDEO: Pistons dancing usher pays tribute To Prince

Usher Shannon Sailes aka “The Dancing Usher” paid tribute to Prince during Game 3 of the first round of the playoffs Friday at The Palace. Sailes is nothing new to

Pavel Datsyuk Tribute Highlights

With the Red Wings bowing out of the Stanley Cup playoffs Thursday, it likely marked the end of Pavel Datsyuk’s NHL career.  Earlier this week, a YouTube poster created this

Henrik Zetterberg retrieved Pavel Datsyuk’s lost tooth

Pavel Datsyuk lost a tooth during Game 2 of the Red Wings-Lightning series Friday.  Friend, teammate and hero Henrik Zetterberg retrieved it for him. Cue Dionne Warwick, am I right?