Amanda Dufner enjoyed her Fourth of July weekend (PHOTOS)

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According to the Instagram account of Mrs. Amanda Dufner, wife of PGAer Jason Dufner, she had a rather fun Fourth of July weekend.  According to my eyes, it was an extremely lovely Fourth of July weekend.  Hint: bikini alert.

The couple, along with a group of chums, were apparently supposed to go to the Bahamas but were diverted because of storms.  Instead, they went to Baker’s Bay, which for all I care could be located just south of Toledo.  (Pro tip: it isn’t just south of Toledo, it’s off the coast of Florida).

Anyway, onto the bikini pics of Mrs. Dufner’s Dufner.  Oh yeah, that’s Jason on the left.

via aduf99 on Instagram

via aduf99 on Instagram

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