Astros’ Jonathan Villar’s head meets Brandon Phillips’ butt

A three-second GIF couldn’t have painted an uglier picture of how the Houston Astros’ season has gone.  In the midst of dropping their 100th game of the year, Astros rookie shortstop Jonathan Villar tried to stretch a single into a double Tuesday against the Reds and it couldn’t have worked out more horribly.

Not only did Villar slide right into Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips’ glove (which contained the ball), but he also ate some butt while doing so.  He was out and probably had a sore chin, nose and self-esteem.

As if the .340 winning percentage didn’t already put the ass in Astros, this certainly did.

via SBNation

via SBNation

[GIF via SBNation]

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