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Miguel Cabrera tweets post foot surgery photos (PHOTOS)

For what seemed like much of last season, Miguel Cabrera played with a bum wheel.  On October 22nd (pictured above), he underwent surgery to repair a stress fracture to the navicular bone in his right foot.  On Tuesday, he

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander go to trapeze school (PHOTOS)

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton attended a trapeze school in New York City over the weekend because who wouldn’t want to swing from a trapeze.  Well, I can think of three people who shouldn’t want to swing

Sports or Porn? (VIDEO)

Sometimes sports doesn’t look like sports. [talkSPORT]

Kate Upton, Taylor Swift and that Verlander fella were at the Knicks game Wednesday

Taylor Swift and Kate Upton got close after the Knicks 97-95 loss to Orlando Wednesday night.  The two, who obviously aren’t friends, posed for pics on the Madison Square Garden floor. Verlander, perhaps jealous of his GF

Frank Thomas’ Chicago mansion is just alright (PHOTOS)

When you’re nicknamed the Big Hurt, you probably need a big house.  Frank Thomas has just that at 25,000 square feet and three acres of land in Chicago ‘burb of Oak Brook.  He spent about eight million

Views of Wrigley Field $575 million renovation (PHOTOS)

Wrigley Field is undergoing a large – $575 million large – renovation over the next four years.  And while I think it’s the biggest dump in baseball, I understand how some feel it’s a gem.  The surrounding

IMPORTANT: Upton calls out Verlander’s cooking on Twitter (PHOTOS)

Over the weekend, Justin Verlander was put in charge of cooking girlfriend Kate Upton a pizza – and it didn’t end well.  And Upton felt the need to blast JV on Twitter. I’m no Guy Fieri (slight

Jim Leyland sings Toby Keith’s “Who’s Your Daddy?” (VIDEO)

Jim Leyland singing karaoke is my favorite Jim Leyland.  The former Tigers manager was celebrating his daughter’s birthday at Oak City Grille in Royal Oak, MI last week when he took the stage to singing her happy

Jim Leyland defies everything, takes selfie (PHOTO)

Jim Leyland has just been waiting for the perfect time to loosen up, grow a goatee and TAKE A FREAKIN’ SELFIE.  Leyland is as old school as they come.  He makes old school look new.  Thursday evening, Director of

Alan Trammell is a Tiger again

Alan Trammell – one of the classiest people ever to wear a baseball uniform, let alone a Tiger uniform, is back in Detroit.  This time, he’ll be serving as a special assistant to Tigers president, CEO and