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Royals fan bought random kid and his mom World Series (VIDEO)

A mother and son attended Game One of the World Series game Tuesday by being in the right place at the right time and a hugely kind gesture from a fellow Royals fan.  The clip, from KMBC

Royals fan couple to have baby if Royals win World Series

While some people will win and lose cash on this year’s World Series, one Kansas City fan couple will win a baby if the Royals beat the Giants.  Prior to Game One on Tuesday, this chick showed

It’s been 22 years since Sid Bream’s “slide into home”

Everyone remembers Sid Bream rounding third and sliding safely into home to beat the Pirates in the 1992 NLCS, but nobody remembers who drove him in.  It was Francisco Cabrera.  Now, I know this because I happened

Tigers celebrate clinching AL Central (VIDEOS)

Behind Ian Kinsler’s solo home run which broke a scoreless tie and David Price’s seven shutout innings, the Tigers clinched the American League Central division Sunday. The win allowed them to avoid a game 163 Monday. A

Son of Dodgers’ Juan Uribe dances his face off in Dodgers clubhouse (VIDEO)

The son of Dodgers’ third baseman Juan Uribe stole the post game show after the Dodgers clinched the National League West Wednesday night.  “Lil Uribe” didn’t cling to the cliche dances, but instead chose to freestyle on

Derek Jeter hand-out thanks fans at last game at Yankee Stadium

Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium (forever) is Thursday night.  20 years, 3,462 hits (at the time of the post), 1,923 runs, 358 stolen bases.  Five World Series rings. The Yankees handed out the thank you

Who can forget the Derek Jeter flip? Correct answer: Nobody

Derek Jeter is playing his last game in Yankee Stadium as I type this.  It was 13 short years ago that Jeter found himself sprinting toward the first base line from his shortstop position to complete what

Remember Ozzie Smith’s walk-off in 1985?!

Do you remember Ozzie Smith’s walk-off home run in the 1985 National League Championship Series?  Remember how you went “crazy folks”?  My crack research team says it may have been the only one he ever hit (they’re