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VIDEO: Tigers OF Tyler Collins flips off crowd after losing ball in the lights

Tyler Collins lost a ball in the lights Monday night and instead of coping to reality, he flipped off the booing Tigers fans.  Look, anyone who has ever played baseball has lost a ball in the sun

VIDEO: Jose Iglesias takes field with his son

Prior to every home Tigers game, the team allows nine children to take the field and wait for the Tigers to take their positions.  They then receive a ball from the player at their position and run

A Supercut Of The Greatest Foul Ball Catches By Baseball Fans

There are rules to catching a foul ball at a baseball game. They run about $12 in a gift shop and are not worth breaking your hand over. It’s mandatory that you hold it up so the

VIDEO: The Pittsburgh Pirates have all of the handshake routines

Prior to putting the screws to Justin Verlander and the Tigers Monday, the Pittsburgh Pirates ran the gamut on all of their fancy schmancy handshakes. The handshake party began with Josh Harrison and Gregory Polanco, but Andrew McCutchen

Tigers fan catches six balls during Monday’s game

Tigers fan Bill Dugan, 39, of Roseville caught six…six…SIX balls during Monday’s Pirates-Tigers game at Comerica Park.  The Detroit Free Press was on their way to interview Dugan during the top of the fifth inning as he nabbed

VIDEO: Brewers fan licks another fan’s puke for $100

As my dad might say, a few Brewers fans suffered from TMB (too much beer) at a recent game at Miller Park.  Fan A lost her lunch all over the bleachers and Fan B, we’ll call him

PHOTOS: West Michigan Whitecaps give fans replica championship rings

The West Michigan Whitecaps celebrated their 2015 Midwest League championship by handing out replica rings to the first 1,000 fans into the park on Opening Day Saturday. Despite “only” being a Class-A minor league ball club, this

ESPN shows six different pitch grips of Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman

If you’re a baseball fan, you will probably find this graphic of the six different pitch grips of Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman pretty interesting.  The four-seam fastball, cutter and slider are fairly standard.  The curveball is

Ernie Harwell’s definition of baseball

Aside from my dad and grandpa, Ernie Harwell may have been the most critical person who “got me into” loving baseball when I was a kid.  From April until October, I fell asleep listening to Mr. Harwell and

New Food at Comerica Park for 2016

Some delectable (and not-so-delectable) food will be joining Justin Upton, Jordan Zimmermann and Cameron Maybin as the new attractions to Comerica Park this spring, summer and fall.  Delaware North, the provider of food, beverage and retail services at