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Justin Verlander predicted his own recent dominance

Justin Verlander has never not sounded confident in his abilities.  The confidence has beamed in 2011 and ’12 when he was the best pitcher on the planet and in 2014, ’15 and most of the young 2016

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton visited penguins at Detroit Zoo Thursday

Justin Verlander and fiancee Kate Upton spent the Tigers’ off day Thursday at the Detroit Zoo at the Polk Penguin Conservation Center. The 33,000-square-foot facility is a 326,000-gallon, 25-foot-deep aquatic area where visitors can watch as more than

VIDEO: Max Scherzer played catch with young Mets fan in the stands

Prior to Thursday’s Nationals-Mets game, Nats starting pitcher Max Scherzer gave a young Mets fan the thrill of a lifetime.  Scherzer, while shagging balls during batting practice, played catch with a young Mets fan standing the stands.

Buy Brad Ausmus’ hoodie and hat from Monday’s ejection

As though you don’t want to buy the hoodie that Brad Ausmus covered home plate with during his Monday night meltdown.  Well, if you have an extra $1,400.00 (at the time of this post) lying under your

VIDEO: Kate Upton does heavy landmine reverse lunges (?!?)

This is a video of Kate Upton doing heavy landmine reverse lunges.  Up until 23 seconds ago, I had no idea what heavy landmine reverse lunges were.  And I’ll be honest, I’ll probably never find myself doing heavy landmine reverse

VIDEO: UNC baseball players videobomb teammate during interview

University of North Carolina baseball players successfully videobombed a teammate during an in-game interview Monday.  There are a few things you can learn from, that you probably already knew: (1) College kids are weird. (2) Baseball is

Watch: Ian Kinsler told the baseball to get out of here

Ian Kinsler and J.D. Martinez both hit home runs during the Tigers’ seven-run seventh inning Tuesday.  Kinsler watched J.D. Mart’s jack from the bench and told the ball precisely where to go. You don’t need an advanced

VIDEO: Brad Ausmus gets ejected, erupts on umpire Doug Eddings

Doug Eddings’ strike zone was outright terrible Monday night and Brad Ausmus let him know, resulting in an ejection, a major temper tantrum and a covered home plate. Following Nick Castellanos’ strike out in the fourth inning,

PHOTOS: Kate Upton did her thing at the Kentucky Derby again

A year after declaring her wish to make out with American Pharoah, Kate Upton attended the 2016 Kentucky Derby.  And, we have photos. Last year, her attendance and fanfare there was a spectacle.  After this year, I’m

VIDEO: Tigers’ Andrew Romine pulls out MC Hammer dance poking fun at Adrian Beltre

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre tip-toed out of the way of a Justin Verlander fastball Sunday and sent Tigers utilityman Andrew Romine into an MC Hammer dance in the dugout. Fox Sports Detroit’s Rod Allen dubbed Beltre’s