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VIDEO: Harbaugh says Michigan wants to be Michigan State

On Tuesday, Jim Harbaugh met with nearly 200 Detroit-area high school coaches at the Horatio Williams clinic in Detroit, where MSU has come in previous years.  In a rather rare act of humility, Harbaugh admitted to the crowd that

VIDEO: Joseph Fauria’s Audi, Sam Martin’s Land Rover pimped out at Detroit customs shop

Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria and punter Sam Martin hit the Detroit version of extinct MTV show “Pimp my Ride” with Xzibit.  The two hit up Dynamic Customs Detroit to get their Audi and Land Rover, respectively,

PHOTO: Calvin Johnson gave David Price a pair of spikes

David Price posted a photo to Twitter Friday of his new spikes, thanks to fellow Detroit stud athlete, Calvin Johnson.  Megatron’s people apparently didn’t do their homework prior to the gift-giving, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I

“Free Brady” – the song

Tom Brady had to go and cheat to allow musicians to come out of the woodwork and sing “Free Brady” songs like they’re auditioning for The Voice.  This one, sung by former American Idol contestant Ayla Brown, is about as

VIDEO: Maple Leafs hiring Mike Babcock interrupts Argonauts press conference

There is no secret that the Maple Leafs are the top dogs in Toronto.  They surpass the Blue Jays and they definitely surpass the CFL’s Argonauts.  During a major press conference for the Argos Wednesday, (Larry Tanenbaum,

PHOTOS: Ndamukong Suh selling his Birmingham, MI home for $3.45 million

It’s surprising to me that Ndamukong Suh didn’t list his Birmingham, Michigan house some time last year.  He knew he was leaving Detroit.  The 7,394-square-foot home at 855 Pleasant Street that he bought in 2012 could be yours

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott tweets Michigan “toilet” humor

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott tweeted out some toilet humor over the weekend about the Michigan Wolverines.  A block ‘M’ in a urinal. I’m guessing this pissed off a few people in Ann Arbor. Pun intended. [@EzekielElliott]

VIDEO: Alex Trebek does “Discount Double Check” celebrating Aaron Rodgers’ Celebrity Jeopardy win

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Tuesday and won $50,000 for MACC (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer), the charity of his choice. As if that donation wasn’t good enough (it certainly was), he got Alex

PHOTO: Jim Harbaugh is on the Sports Illustrated cover

…and they should not have zoomed in that far.  That’s all.  I have nothing of substance to add. But seriously, it’s pretty creepy.

VIDEO: The Best Football Drill Ever – by Bills rookie guard John Miller

Apparently all NFL and college teams do this “blocking” drill.  I have just never seen it quite like this as shown by Buffalo Bills rookie guard John Miller.   Well this is just about my favorite clip