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NFL Bad Lip Reading 2015 (VIDEO)

There isn’t much I can say about this new NFL “Bad Lip Reading” video other than it’s brilliant, I love it and you should watch it.

Charlotte McKinney’s Carl’s Jr. commercial wins the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

With the Super Bowl still ten days away, the winner has already been decided.  It’s Charlotte McKinney in this bonkers Carl’s Jr. commercial. The commercial is titled “Au Naturel” and by now you have stopped reading this.

This Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial promo scores (VIDEO)

Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Douten Krose, and Lily Aldrid have made football look better than ever.  Victoria’s Secret released a promo for their Super Bowl XLIX commercial.  A promo for a promo.

Jim Harbaugh has used Gatorade in his cereal (VIDEO)

Jim Harbaugh’s son Jay revealed a factoid that has definitely made his father a better football coach.  I probably would have just had a bagel instead. What a thing to be proud of. [Barstool] Jay went on

A six-year old Packers fan, devastated by loss to Seahawks (VIDEO)

A six-year old Green Bay Packers fan didn’t take their loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship lightly.  In fact, he didn’t take it well at all.  Suck it up, kid.  It isn’t as though the Packers

Lions inform Dominic Raiola they will not re-sign him

After 14 seasons in the middle of the offensive line and countless boneheaded moves, Dominic Raiola has put on a Lions uniform for the last time. The team informed him Monday that they will not re-sign the

Rob Gronkowski’s Party Bus – INSIDE THE NFL (VIDEO)

Patriots bro end Rob Gronkowski owns a party bus.  He calls it the Sinner’s Bus.  Showtime’s Inside the NFL profiled it.  Naturally. It looks fun.

Odds to win 2016 College Football National Championship released

Not 24 hours before Ohio State started celebrating the first ever college football playoff championship, Bovada released their odds for the winner of next year’s playoff.  And after watching the Buckeyes beat both Alabama and Oregon and look good

Kelly Hall does gymnastics-like flips then bites it (VIDEO)

Miss Kelly Hall dusted off her college cheerleading skills and popped it on Instagram for the world to see.  I believe the technical term for this stunt was a triple aerial followed by a extra pike tuck

Jim Harbaugh provides the Most Important Tweet of the Day

Jim Harbaugh took to Twitter Thursday morning to announce something incredibly important.  While this is a new handle for Harbaugh as Michigan’s head football coach, he has fairly well-versed as he tweeted during his time at Stanford.