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PHOTOS: Michigan State reveals new bada$$ football uniforms

Michigan State revealed some new football uniforms Thursday in their quest to continue with what’s hot in college football.  If you don’t have an alternate uniform, you just can’t hang.  Or something like that. The stuffy traditionalists

Video: Jim Harbaugh’s wife is a “winner all the way”

Jim Harbaugh talked about how he met his current wife on HBO’s “Real Sports” with Andrea Kremer.  And my goodness is this guy all kinds of psycho.  Once divorced, Harbaugh said he saw his current wife, Sarah,

Photo: Nike wants $350 for Ohio State national championship hat box

Hi, my name is Nike and I want to take advantage of sappy Ohio State fans that are still emotional of their football national championship.  I expect them to pay $350 for three adjustable hats and a three-tiered

HBO’s “Real Sports” to show special on Jim Harbaugh (PREVIEW INSIDE)

I am not a Michigan fan.  I am not a Jim Harbaugh fan.  But, this preview of the interview Andrea Kremer did of Harbaugh for HBO’s “Real Sports” is pretty cool.  The profile that will air Tuesday

Photos: Matthew and Kelly Stafford sky dived and bungee jumped in New Zealand

Newlyweds Matthew and Kelly Stafford lived on the edge during their honeymoon in New Zealand this past week.  And by living on the edge, I mean they went sky diving and bungee jumping.  That sound you hear

Video: Former Spartan thanks gas station clerk who helped him five year ago

William Gholston, the former Michigan State stud defensive end/now Tampa Bay Buccaneer ran out of gas during his senior year at Detroit Southeastern High School.  This was “five or six years ago” which puts us back during

Video: Lions WR Ryan Broyles shows off crazy hands

Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles posted a video to Instagram showing off that his hands are a lot better than his knees. And while this is impressive, I’m actually more impressed by the other dude. His job

TMZ stops Matthew and Kelly Stafford en route to their honeymoon (VIDEO)

TMZ hounded Matthew Stafford and wife Kelly as they were catching their connecting flight at LAX to New Zealand for their honeymoon.  Because that’s what everyone needs as they try to get away from everything. The “reporter”

Browns CB Robert Nelson pulls/pushes small Mercedes (VIDEO)

Well, if this isn’t the workout of the NFL offseason.  Robert Nelson, a rookie defensive back out of Arizona State, has been pushing and pulling around a small smart car-esque Mercedes.  Why?  Because he can. Why did

Matthew Stafford marries Kelly Hall (Stafford) (PHOTOS)

On Saturday, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford married his long time girlfriend Kelly Hall.  From the looks of everything on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and social media mania, it appears the wedding was a fairly decent time.  All guests