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Wild high school two-point conversion in Walla Walla, Washington (VIDEO)

The Walla Walla (WA) High School kicker and holder deserved about ten points for this improvised two-point conversion in their game this past weekend.  What was supposed to be a mundane point-after attempt turned into helter skelter

Matthew Stafford talks to unsuspecting fans in Meijer’s Pepsi Can Cave (VIDEO)

Matthew Stafford’s appearance in the Pepsi “Can Cave” talking to unsuspecting Meijer customers might just make your day. As the Can Cave keeper, Stafford chose the lucky entrants for the exclusive party. He described the can cave as

Bills’ Boobie Dixon and Jets’ Sheldon Richardson fight over spot (VIDEO)

Bills power back Anthony “Boobie” Dixon plowed up the middle for a few yards Sunday against the Jets, but thought he deserved one more.  That’s when Sheldon Richardson stepped in with a “oh no, you didn’t.” Richardson

Bears buffoon Lamarr Houston hurts knee during sack dance (VIDEO)

Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston took a page out of Lions’ Stephen Tulloch’s playbook Sunday when he injured his knee during a sack dance.  Houston is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday. The best (and worst)

Navy trash talks Notre Dame via Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” parody (VIDEO)

As someone who isn’t a Notre Dame slap, I’m hoping likeheck that the Naval Academy beats the Irish this Saturday in Annapolis, Maryland.  ND currently sits at six in the national rankings.  In preparation, the Navy recorded

Michigan State 35 Michigan 11 (RECAP)

Michigan State laid a whooping on Michigan Saturday 35-11 at Spartan Stadium.  Sitting there watching, it sure seemed like State could have absolutely blown the doors off of Brady Hoke’s boys more so than they did.  The

If Brady Hoke was a dog, he’d probably look like this

Hey look, everyone.  It’s Brady Hoke in a dog costume.  Poor dog hates Michigan.

Block ‘M’ on Michigan’s campus painted green (PHOTO)

It’s rivalry week and it appears that Michigan State has delivered the first blow to the school down the road.  Early Wednesday morning, the block ‘M’ on “The Diag” on Michigan’s campus was painted green and given

Son of Ravens RB Justin Forsett sees his dad on TV (VIDEO)

Justin Forsett’s toddler son doesn’t care that some view him only as a change-of-pace running back.  He isn’t a prototypical workhorse.  That didn’t matter Sunday when Forsett’s son saw him on television during the Ravens-Colts game. Loading

Hundreds gather for “Fire Dave Brandon” rally (PHOTOS)

Early Tuesday, word got out that students and other Michigan fans were going to gather at the Diag on Michigan’s campus in an effort to get athletic director Dave Brandon fired. One Michigan student even wore an Ohio