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If Brady Hoke was a dog, he’d probably look like this

Hey look, everyone.  It’s Brady Hoke in a dog costume.  Poor dog hates Michigan.

Block ‘M’ on Michigan’s campus painted green (PHOTO)

It’s rivalry week and it appears that Michigan State has delivered the first blow to the school down the road.  Early Wednesday morning, the block ‘M’ on “The Diag” on Michigan’s campus was painted green and given

Son of Ravens RB Justin Forsett sees his dad on TV (VIDEO)

Justin Forsett’s toddler son doesn’t care that some view him only as a change-of-pace running back.  He isn’t a prototypical workhorse.  That didn’t matter Sunday when Forsett’s son saw him on television during the Ravens-Colts game. Loading

Hundreds gather for “Fire Dave Brandon” rally (PHOTOS)

Early Tuesday, word got out that students and other Michigan fans were going to gather at the Diag on Michigan’s campus in an effort to get athletic director Dave Brandon fired. One Michigan student even wore an Ohio

Old Dominion-Middle Tennessee streaker spikes ball, avoids security (VIDEO)

A streaker, we’ll call him Naked Jimmy, somehow scored himself a football during the Old Dominion-Middle Tennessee game in Norfolk Saturday and had himself a field day.  After a jump spike, Naked Jimmy put some nasty moves

Middle school runs “Ugly Kardashian” trick play (VIDEO)

The football coaches at Lewis & Clark Middle School in Jefferson City, Missouri watch too much reality television.  During their game last week, they called a trick play they affectionately named “Ugly Kardashian”.  We have seen the

Brady Hoke plays an injured Shane Morris, later throws trainers under the bus

By now you have heard that Brady Hoke, his coaching staff and the Michigan football medical personnel allowed quarterback Shane Morris to play and re-enter the game with an obvious concussion and injury to his lower leg

High school kicker get opponent’s help on extra point (VIDEO)

The Dell Rapids High School (South Dakota) kicker didn’t get enough of it.  He kicked too close to the center of the ball, which had no shot of going over the crossbar – until it the helmet of