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Bubba Watson stars as Santa in “Bubbaclaus The Single”…uh what? (VIDEO)

In a move that sent shock waves through the golf community, Bubba Watson has broken away from the Golf Boys and has released a video on his – Bubbaclaus “The Single”.  It’s as good as you might

Toddler misses putt, throws tantrum (VIDEO)

Watch the rather impressive tantrum thrown by this toddler after he misses the short putt.  We have all been there kid.  And by there, I mean missing the putt.  Come to think of it, I have floundered

Tiger Woods’ swing, through the years, in one GIF

Six of Tiger Woods swings have brilliantly been put into one GIF.  The first swing was when little Eldrick is two years old in 1978 and the last is in 2013 with a funky follow-through. I’m no

Justin Rose’s unbelievable shot at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai (VIDEO)

Justin Rose didn’t end up winning the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai Sunday, but he (a) hit the shot of the day and (b) made me wish it was still golf season in Michigan.  You see, I

Floyd Mayweather buys son gold Bentley golf cart

Before he turned 15, Floyd Mayweather’s son almost had everything.  After his dad bought him a gold Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday, now he does. A Bentley golf cart?  A Bentley golf cart.  Whatever.  I

World’s longest golf club (that actually works) VIDEO

20 feet, six inches set the world record for the longest golf club that’s actually usable.  This video takes us to Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington Texas where Michael Furrh shows us that some people need to

Basketball Golf Trick Shots (VIDEO)

Golf trick shots are cool.  Basketball trick shots are cool.  Basketball golf trick shots are pretty decent (you probably thought I’d say cool).  The Bryan bros. got tricky with golf clubs, basketballs and bad music. It’s not

Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend, Alexis Randock, isn’t bad (PHOTOS)

Rickie Fowler will have some extra motivation heading into the 2014 Ryder Cup which tees off Friday.  Not only is he playing for his country and teammates, but he’ll be playing for his new girlfriend Alexis Randock.

Rickie Fowler shaves “U-S-A” into hair for Ryder Cup (PHOTO)

It’s Ryder Cup week and Rickie Fowler’s hair is ready for it.  Over the weekend, Fowler Instagrammed a photo of his new ‘do with “U-S-A” shaved behind his ear.  The normally floppy-haired 25 year old recently raised

Rory McIlroy drains 55 consecutive putts at TOUR Championship (VIDEO)

Sometimes golf comes too easy for Rory McIlroy.  Prior to Sunday’s round at the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola, McIlroy made 55 (that isn’t a typo) consecutive ten-foot putts.  55 putts from ten feet away from the cup.