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VIDEO: Holly Sonders reads world’s cheesiest pick-up lines

Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders lowered herself to the level of the dudes whose weekends are dependent on their cheesy pick-up lines.  There’s no doubt that Sonders received a handful of these from frat dorks while she golfed

Top Ten Best Traditions in Sports

Traditions are to sports as food is to a fat guy.  Sports are full of traditions and fats guys are full of…you get it.  There thousands of traditions, some cool, some dumb and some that don’t make

Video: Crazy wild rampant golf cart spins in circles, evades police

An un-manned golf cart on the campus of Loyola University Chicago out-maneuvered police as it went around and around and around in circles. The proper play is obviously to beat the thing with your baton.  Don’t worry,

Video: Bubba Watson hits golf ball with driver using baseball swing

When you’re Bubba Watson and the fourth-ranked golfer in the world, the sport comes easy.  That includes hitting a golf ball with his driver as though he was Ichiro (or Bryce Harper or another left-handed baseball player).

Video: Jordan Spieth’s My Buddy PGA commercial is outstanding

Prior to winning the Masters at age 21, Jordan Spieth filmed an outstanding commercial dubbed “My Buddy”.  Tiger Woods was also 21 when he won his first Masters.  Tiger Woods also has made some fairly decent commercials.

Dude plays iceberg golf on Lake Michigan (VIDEO)

Two buddies, Seth Haley and Josh Nowicki, played iceberg golf on Lake Michigan – because land golf is too easy.  Nowicki used a stand-up paddle board to move from iceberg to iceberg, while filmmaker Haley filmed the adventure. Hey, whatever

Larry Fitzgerald tees off atop mountain in South Africa (PHOTO)

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald teed off from atop the Hanglip Mountain in South Africa while playing the Extreme 19th at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort the highest (1,300 feet) and longest (395 yards) par-3 golf hole

Nike is still churning out Tiger Woods commercials (VIDEO)

Despite Tiger Woods being just another golfer these days (when he’s playing), Nike is still churning out commercials.  After all, they pay him like seventy hundred bazillion million dollars a year. It’s gotta be nice being a

Phil Mickelson’s ridiculous banana hook at Cadillac Championship (VIDEO)

Dustin Johnson won the Cadillac Championship at Doral this weekend, but that’s too newsy for IASID. We’re more interested in weird wild stuff like this sick banana hook Phil Mickelson pulled off Sunday after his tee shot

Did this girl really have a kid with Tiger Woods AND Jay Z?!

I don’t know. You tell me. [Post credit: John N.]