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Steph Curry shows off stupid ballhandling skills

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry is the only current NBA player that makes me stop channel surfing and watch for a bit.  Part of his repertoire is his crazy ball-handling ability. Check out this insane video

VIDEO: LeBron James is too sexy for his sleeves

During Wednesday’s game against the Knicks, LeBron James found himself not liking the tight little sleeves attached to his jersey.  Sleeves belong in professional baseball, hockey, golf and football. Organized basketball was born to be played in

VIDEO: Further proof that travelling isn’t called in the NBA: DJ Augustin

Spoiler alert: DJ Augustin of the Oklahoma City Thunder wasn’t called for traveling on this layup.  I lost count on the amount of steps he took when I got to my third hand.  Are the refs awake? No

Funny Or Die makes “The Longest Oop” Pistons promo

“The Longest Oop” is a Pistons promo created by Funny Or Die starring actors, musicians, Detroit personalities.  And, it’s pretty good.  On the Funny Or Die site, they preview it with: “The Longest Oop” is an alley-oop

VIDEO: Nik Stauskas aka Sauce Castillo looks uber-creepy pouring hot sauce on a basketball

Former Michigan hooper turned Sacramento King now Philadelphia 76er Nik Stauskas has fully embraced the nickname Sauce Castillo, which was inadvertently given to him by closed caption verbiage. As part of a promo for the 76ers, Stauskas

Ersan Ilyasova is the best shooter ever, according to ESPN, sort of

Coming into Wednesday’s game against Utah, the second game of the Pistons season, had Pistons big an Ersan Ilyasova shooting a rather high percentage. KEEP FEEDING HIM!

Ken Jeong loves Detroit basketball (literally)

We know Ken Jeong from The Hangover, Community and most recently Dr. Ken and for being an overall funny a$$ dude.  We also now know that he loves Detroit basketball.  As in DEEEEETROIT BAAAAAASKETBALLLLL… I have no words. BREAKING: @kenjeong

Classic Old Sports Commercial Part 2: “All the Handles”

In It’s Always Sunny in Detroit’s second installment of old school sports commercials, it’s the nasty handles ad by Nike.  You know you tried all of these moves and couldn’t d 25% of them. My favorite part:

PHOTOS: Pistons honor Detroit’s automotive supremacy with chrome jerseys

The Pistons will honor Detroit’s automotive supremacy by wearing silver/chrome and blue uniforms for seven games during the 2015-2016 season.  The inspiration is pretty cool according to the team’s official press release: “The inspiration for the Detroit Chrome

VIDEO: Nik Stauskas hits 3-pointers with random objects

Philadelphia 76ers and former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas can drill three-pointers with the best of them.  And when basketballs became too easy, he dominated Off the Record with Michael Landsberg‘s “Ultimate 3-Point Challenge”.  After breaking up with his