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West Bloomfield, MI teen using Twitter to lure Andre Drummond to prom

A West Bloomfield teenager is using the power of Twitter to lure Pistons center Andre Drummond into coming to her senior prom with her.  We have seen this song and dance dozens of times before, but not

Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside suffers ugly sprained ankle (VIDEO)

Heat forward Hassan Whiteside went up for a rebound Tuesday and came down, hard (like, really hard), on the side of his right foot.  And he’s lucky his ankle didn’t explode.  My bum ankle has never felt

High schooler is taking Nik Stauskas’ girlfriend to prom

Taylor Anderson, the girlfriend of Sacramento Kings rookie/former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas, will be attending prom with a high schooler from Detroit thanks to a massive amount of retweets. On Wednesday, a high school girl asking Stauskas how

Hornets’ PJ Hairston commits worst flop of the season

Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Hairston decided Wednesday that he wanted to make a mockery of sport with this flop against the Spurs.  Luckily for mankind, the referees didn’t buy it. Get the heck outta here, PJ.  And

The New York Knicks can’t basketball (VIDEO)

Watch these clips of the Knicks from Wednesday night. THEY CAN’T BASKETBALL.

Startling graphic on post-Josh Smith Pistons

Since the Pistons waived Josh Smith on December 22nd, it has been hunky dory and then some in Auburn Hills.  At the time of this post, the Pistons are 5-0 and have scored 119, 103, 109, 97

Andre Drummond gets dunked on, later throws elbow (VIDEO)

Raptors forward James Johnson brought Andre Drummond’s level of embarrassment to a new level Friday night. As if Drummond doesn’t have enough to be embarrassed about – the Pistons own a 5-22 record – Johnson made it

Darko Milicic makes kickboxing debut (VIDEO)

Yes, that Darko Milicic made his professional kickboxing debut in Serbia Thursday night.  And if you know anything about his NBA career, you can probably guess how it went.  Early Thursday, a hype video of his first match

Brandon Jennings passed up WIDE OPEN lay-up (VIDEO)

Brandon Jennings is a shoot first, shoot second, fake pass shoot third type point guard.  You don’t ever have to him to put it up.  And really, he doesn’t even do it well (37% as of Wednesday).

Grizzlies’ Mike Conley gets away with egregious travel (VIDEO)

Memphis Grizzliesguard Mike Conley helped prove Tuesday that the traveling call in the NBA is extinct.  His last dribble was at the three-point line and he took 1-2-3-4 steps to the bucket. Andre Iguodala mocked Conley’s move