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Draymond Green dunked all over Cleveland’s Timofey Mozgov (VIDEO)

Draymond Green dunked all over the Cavs’ Timofey Mozgov because Timofey sounds like someone saying Timothy in a baby voice.  And I find it really weird when adults talk to other adults in baby voices. Therefore, I

Did you see this egregious Knicks travel? Neither did the refs. (VIDEO)

New York Knicks forward Lou Amundson stole a pass from LeBron James, took it the other way and without a Cleveland Cav within acres of him, traveled like a freakin’ vagabond. BUT, THE OFFICIALS DIDN’T CALL IT.

David Letterman’s intern gave no rips during NBA All Star Weekend (VIDEO)

Todd, an intern at the Late Show with David Letterman, had an up-close-and-personal media pass to the NBA All Star festivities in Brooklyn this past weekend and used it to the best of his ability. He gave absolutely no

Andre Drummond wore glittery gold Timberland boots during All Star Weekend (PHOTO)

Andre Drummond wasn’t involved in any activities during All Star weekend in Brooklyn, but that didn’t stop him from showing off all the stars (or glitter) on his shiny gold Timberland boots.  Supposedly, these suckers are custom-made (go

Zach LaVine’s Slam Dunk Championship in Slow Motion (VIDEO)

Zach LaVine, the rookie guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, put on one of the better shows Saturday the NBA Slam Dunk contest has seen in years. Here’s all 6’5″ of LaVine’s gangliness (that’s a real word, by

West Bloomfield, MI teen using Twitter to lure Andre Drummond to prom

A West Bloomfield teenager is using the power of Twitter to lure Pistons center Andre Drummond into coming to her senior prom with her.  We have seen this song and dance dozens of times before, but not

Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside suffers ugly sprained ankle (VIDEO)

Heat forward Hassan Whiteside went up for a rebound Tuesday and came down, hard (like, really hard), on the side of his right foot.  And he’s lucky his ankle didn’t explode.  My bum ankle has never felt

High schooler is taking Nik Stauskas’ girlfriend to prom

Taylor Anderson, the girlfriend of Sacramento Kings rookie/former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas, will be attending prom with a high schooler from Detroit thanks to a massive amount of retweets. On Wednesday, a high school girl asking Stauskas how

Hornets’ PJ Hairston commits worst flop of the season

Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Hairston decided Wednesday that he wanted to make a mockery of sport with this flop against the Spurs.  Luckily for mankind, the referees didn’t buy it. Get the heck outta here, PJ.  And

The New York Knicks can’t basketball (VIDEO)

Watch these clips of the Knicks from Wednesday night. THEY CAN’T BASKETBALL.