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Detroit Pride Cheerleaders dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (VIDEO)

If you didn’t get enough of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” from the Big Ten mascot video (and let’s face it, you didn’t), then check out the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders getting down with their bad selves. The

Son of Ravens RB Justin Forsett sees his dad on TV (VIDEO)

Justin Forsett’s toddler son doesn’t care that some view him only as a change-of-pace running back.  He isn’t a prototypical workhorse.  That didn’t matter Sunday when Forsett’s son saw him on television during the Ravens-Colts game. Loading

Nick Fairley smushed Ndamukong Suh’s face (VIDEO)

Nick Fairley was a (large) giddy man Sunday during the Lions 19-7 win over Green Bay.  He was so giddy, he smushed Ndamukong Suh’s face.

Lions LB Stephen Tulloch TEARS ACL during sack dance (VIDEO)

Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch did one of the most Lions things ever Sunday against Green Bay.  After a sack against Aaron Rodgers, Tulloch got fancy with a little sack dance and got hurt doing so.  The State

Charles Barkley defends Adrian Peterson whipping his son (VIDEO)

Charles Barkley vehemently defended Adrian Peterson during a discussion with Jim Rome Monday morning saying, “I’m from the south. Whipping — we do that all the time. Every black parent in the south is going to be

ESPN’s Hannah Storm and Cris Carter give powerful messages to NFL (VIDEO)

Sunday marked the time for ESPN’s Hannah Storm and Cris Carter speak out about all of that trash that has gone on with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Ray Rice, as you know, was caught on tape

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show NFL Superlatives – Bears and 49ers (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon provided some much needed humor involving the NFL on Friday when he presented his outstanding Tonight Show NFL superlatives, the Bears and 49ers edition. With the Ray Rice wife-beating bull**** and the Adrian Peterson child-beating horse****,

Ravens fans support Ray Rice at Thursday night game vs. Pittsburgh (PHOTO)

Several despicable Baltimore Ravens fans showed their admiration for Ray Rice prior to Thursday night’s game against the Steelers.  You know, the scumbag Ray Rice who knocked the stuff out of his then-fiancee (now wife) in the