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$uh billboards appearing in Metro Detroit (PHOTOS)

Someone isn’t happy that (former?) Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has not agreed to a contract extension to stay in Detroit.  So much so that this individual or group, who has not come forward, has begun paying

Cleveland Browns change their helmet…kind of (GIF)

The Cleveland Browns made a huge announcement Tuesday that they are changing their helmet.  As you can see from the GIF below, the announcement needed all sorts of pomp and circumstance. They moved exactly two shades lower

Mark Dantonio reacts to Trae Waynes’ 40-yard dash time (VIDEO)

Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes ran an official 4.31 40-yard dash which was good for the fastest of anyone in the 2015 NFL Combine.  To put it in perspective, the fastest officially electronically-recorded 40-yard dash at the

Ndamukong Suh visited Schembechler Hall wearing WEIRD shorts (PHOTO)

As Ndamukong Suh approaches free agency, he isn’t straying too far from Detroit.  On Thursday, he visited Schembechler Hall on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.  He posed for a quick picture with Jim Harbaugh.

Reggie Bush climbed Mayan pyramid with wife’s short shorts (PHOTO)

Reggie Bush Instagram’ed that one of his “favorite things to do is travel and learn about the culture in different parts of the world.”  He recently climbed 130 steps of an ancient Mayan pyramid with his wife

Former Michigan WR Devin Funchess could head butt a basketball rim if wanted to (VIDEO)

Former Michigan tight end/wide receiver/offensive weapon Devin Funchess showed off his mad hops (or leaping skills for the layperson) on Instagram Sunday.  While training at the IMG Academy in Florida in preparation for May’s NFL draft, Funchess

Matthew Stafford’s and Kelly Hall’s Macy’s wedding registry is also expensive

In case you aren’t interested in plucking something from the Williams-Sonoma portion of Matthew Stafford’s and Kelly’s Hall wedding registry, you can now check out the Macy’s portion.  That is, you can check out Hall’s and “John

Matthew Stafford’s and Kelly Hall’s wedding registry has expensive taste

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is marrying his longtime girlfriend, now fiancee, Kelly Hall on April 4, 2015.  CBS Detroit poked around online and found part of their wedding registry from kitchen store extraordinaire Williams-Sonoma. Notice the veteran

Some dude uses Marshawn Lynch quotes as pick-up lines (VIDEO)

Marshawn Lynch and his non-interviews have been talked about WAY too much over the past few months.  To me, they were neither funny nor creative nor entertaining.  However, when a regular white dude uses these same nonsensical

Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan called peoples’ bosses on Super Bowl Monday (VIDEO)

Katie Nolan of Fox Sports 1 is one of the more entertaining females in sports.  To help with the hangover from Super Bowl Sunday, she tweeted that she would call your boss Monday morning and demand you