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Lions fans buy billboards after refs blow “batgate” call

Get out from under your rock if you haven’t seen, heard, been diluted by replays and complaints about Monday night’s Calvin Johnson fumble which I dubbed the “Most Lions Play” ever.  We all know that the referees

Kelly Stafford bought shots for Lions fans in Seattle

Kelly Stafford came across a friend of a friend sporting a Matthew Stafford jersey in Seattle on Monday. So she did what any mega-hot wife of an NFL quarterback would do.  She bought them shots. Really cool

VIDEO: Calvin Johnson’s fumble = the most Lions play ever

The Lions were inches away from taking the lead in a game they had zero business being in, but then Calvin Johnson’s fumbled through the back of the end zone in what I have dubbed “the most

VIDEO: Matthew Stafford wanted to block, but didn’t

There’s no questioning Matthew Stafford’s toughness. You can call out his decision-making, his accuracy and his inability to make the touch pass, but he’s a tough dude.  But there are limits to everyone’s toughness.  Stafford (wisely) chose

VIDEO: Lions TE Eric Ebron’s knee shouldn’t move that way

Lions tight end Eric Ebron had his knee rolled up on Monday night against the Seahawks.  I’m not a doctor and I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But, I know that knees

VIDEO: Staffer in London makes hilarious face following Ndamukong Suh press conference

This staffer stole the internet show following Ndamukong Suh’s obnoxious press conference Sunday after the Dolphins blowout loss to the Jets. If you remember, Suh may (or may not) have kicked Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in the

VIDEO: Did Ndamukong Suh intentionally kick Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Did Ndamukong Suh think he could get away with a subtle kick to Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s head Sunday in London?  The game, which started at 9:30 AM Eastern, got away from the Dolphins early and, let’s

Gallery: Lions WAG Marissa Van Noy is pleasant on the eyes

Everybody knows Kelly Stafford and a lot of people know Golden Tate’s fiancee Elise Pollard.  But we need to talk more about another Lions WAG, Marissa Van Noy (wife of backup linebacker Kyle).  Her Instagram account is

PHOTO: Erin Andrews has a weird hand

During Sunday’s interview with Falcons running back Devonta Freeman, Erin Andrews showed off her super weird hand.  At least she acknowledged it in her caption: “Feel like I need to stress his career day with my hands….ugh,

Must Watch: Lions punter Sam Martin hands out tickets to Lions home opener

More professional athletes should be like Lions punter Sam Martin, who handed out tickets to the Lions home opener against the Broncos Sunday night.  Martin partnered with FOX 2 in Detroit to hand out tickets to unsuspecting