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VIDEO: Ambassador Bridge crew duties gives me the willies

  YouTube publisher Michael Evans took video of workers on the Ambassador Bridge walking along a tight-rope about 120-some yards in the air.  Take an entire football field and turn it vertical.  That’s how high this guy

VIDEO: Maple Leafs hiring Mike Babcock interrupts Argonauts press conference

There is no secret that the Maple Leafs are the top dogs in Toronto.  They surpass the Blue Jays and they definitely surpass the CFL’s Argonauts.  During a major press conference for the Argos Wednesday, (Larry Tanenbaum,

Video: Steph Curry’s daughter won Tuesday night

Golden State Warriors  guard Steph Curry pumped in 34 points in their Game 1 win against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. But, it was Curry’s two-year old daughter who won the night during the

PHOTOS: Ndamukong Suh selling his Birmingham, MI home for $3.45 million

It’s surprising to me that Ndamukong Suh didn’t list his Birmingham, Michigan house some time last year.  He knew he was leaving Detroit.  The 7,394-square-foot home at 855 Pleasant Street that he bought in 2012 could be yours

Video: Sean Casey hits Lauren Shehadi with line drive on MLB Network set

It was all fun and games Tuesday on the MLB Network set until former Major Leaguer Sean Casey drilled co-worker Lauren Shehadi with a line drive.  Shehadi fed him an underhand soft toss during live segment.  Casey

VIDEO: The Best Football Drill Ever – by Bills rookie guard John Miller

Apparently all NFL and college teams do this “blocking” drill.  I have just never seen it quite like this as shown by Buffalo Bills rookie guard John Miller.   Well this is just about my favorite clip

Video: Phillies dad catches foul ball with baby strapped to chest

On Mother’s Day, a Phillies fan dad stole the show with the barehanded play on a foul ball with his baby strapped to his chest.  Sitting behind the plate with a sub-one-year kid, it was probably just

Video: Ian Kinsler makes sliding play, wipes hand, Taylor Swift reacts

Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler made a nifty sliding play up the middle, getting to his feet and throwing out Lorenzo Cain Sunday night. The nice range shown by Kinsler was nice and the fact that Cain can

Video: Drone’s Eye View of Derek Jeter’s mansion

There is no privacy for the newly-retired Derek Jeter as a drone was sent to spy on his 21,000 square foot mansion.  Don’t even think about flying your drone over Comerica Park in Detroit, but Jeter’s house

Video: Twins’ Eddie Rosario homers on first MLB pitch he sees

23-year old Eddie Rosario hit the first Major League pitch he saw for a home run Wednesday night.  Baseball America ranked him as the No. 60 prospect in baseball before last season, but his stock has fallen.