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Toledo Walleye and Evansville IceMen fight wearing Batman, Riddler jerseys (VIDEO)

The long-awaited game (kinda) between the Toledo Walleye and the Evansville IceMen took place Saturday night.  The Walleye had on spiffy Batman jerseys while their opponent IceMen sported those of the supervillain The Riddler.  And then, like Batman and

Dominic Raiola dives at Patriots DT’s knees because he’s a jerk (VIDEO)

Dominic Raiola took matters into his own hands Sunday as he dove into Patrios defensive lineman Zach Moore’s knees after the final play.  You see, Raiola was mad that the Patriots are better at football than the

Young Russian table tennis player shoves umpire out of his chair (VIDEO)

Whoever said that table tennis isn’t a contact sport?  This video has been going around this week and I couldn’t not post it.  In Russia (where else), it certainly proved to be when Peter Prick (such a

The Palace, empty ten minutes before Suns game (PHOTO)

Ten minutes before Wednesday’s game against the Suns, all of 26 people were inside The Palace. Entering the game, the Pistons were 3-8, the Suns 6-5.  It was a balmy 25 degrees out with a windchill of

10-year anniversary of the “Malice at The Palace” (VIDEO)

Wednesday’s date marks the tenth anniversary of one the biggest black marks in the NBA, sports and Detroit history as we “celebrate” (hardly) the “Malice at The Palace”.  Ten years ago tonight, the Pistons, Pacers and fans

Oregon bro is frozen during ESPNU game intro (VIDEO)

As part of welcoming the University of Detroit Mercy Titans to the Matthew Knight Center, this Oregon bro froze during the pre-game introductions on ESPNU. I present to you Exhibit A for why ESPN should plant a cute

California high school offensive lineman scores touchdown on terrific trick play (VIDEO)

The quarterback took the snap, turned around and handed off to an offensive lineman – an offensive lineman – who took it in for a touchdown.  Crescenta Valley (CA) offensive guard BK Kim took the hand off,

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander go to trapeze school (PHOTOS)

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton attended a trapeze school in New York City over the weekend because who wouldn’t want to swing from a trapeze.  Well, I can think of three people who shouldn’t want to swing

Sports or Porn? (VIDEO)

Sometimes sports doesn’t look like sports. [talkSPORT]

Jerk Saints fan steals ball from Bengals fan (VIDEO)

Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham scored a touchdown Sunday in New Orleans and graciously tossed it to a Bengals fan in the crowd. Said Bengals fan never got the ball though as Hugejerk Saintsfan jumped in and