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Andre Drummond gets dunked on, later throws elbow (VIDEO)

Raptors forward James Johnson brought Andre Drummond’s level of embarrassment to a new level Friday night. As if Drummond doesn’t have enough to be embarrassed about – the Pistons own a 5-22 record – Johnson made it

Darko Milicic makes kickboxing debut (VIDEO)

Yes, that Darko Milicic made his professional kickboxing debut in Serbia Thursday night.  And if you know anything about his NBA career, you can probably guess how it went.  Early Thursday, a hype video of his first match

Brandon Jennings passed up WIDE OPEN lay-up (VIDEO)

Brandon Jennings is a shoot first, shoot second, fake pass shoot third type point guard.  You don’t ever have to him to put it up.  And really, he doesn’t even do it well (37% as of Wednesday).

Verlander and Upton take totally adorable Christmas picture

Kate Upton posted a photo of her and her main squeeze Justin Verlander to Instagram Wednesday in what would be their Christmas card.  For those scoring at home, this is the most clothes Kate has worn since the

Did Flyers’ Claude Giroux wipe boogers on the referee? (GIF)

During a face-off delay in Wednesday’s Lightning-Flyers game, Flyers center Claude Giroux took the opportunity to wipe his boogers on the referee’s shirt.  At least it looks like he did.  This might just go down as the

Grizzlies’ Mike Conley gets away with egregious travel (VIDEO)

Memphis Grizzliesguard Mike Conley helped prove Tuesday that the traveling call in the NBA is extinct.  His last dribble was at the three-point line and he took 1-2-3-4 steps to the bucket. Andre Iguodala mocked Conley’s move

Halo, the pool playing dog (VIDEO)

It doesn’t have to be a slow sports day to enjoy a pool-playing dog.  His name is Halo and he’s better at pool than I am.  Whatever.

NHL mumps Taylor Swift “Blank Space” parody (VIDEO)

The National Hockey League has been drilled with a mumps outbreak in the last week that has affected six teams and about 15 players (including that one Crosby dude).  So naturally, the first move is to make

Jen Selter does wacky hamstring quad ass workout (VIDEO)

Jen Selter has been featured on It’s Always Sunny before because of her big, firm calves – obviously.  She Instagrammed a workout video snippet Monday.  And while I could maybe do one or two reps of what she’s

Canucks fan shows off some incredible dance moves (VIDEO)

The Vancouver Canucks held a “SuperSkills” was held Sunday to give players a chance to show fans what they can do on the ice. This cheeseball used it to show everyone with an internet connection how he gets