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Available Super Bowl XLIX (49) Bets

As with any big game, there are both standard and off-the-wall bets that can be made.  Super Bowl XLIX is no different.  Our pals at have posted the following bets for Sunday’s party should you be

Woman who stole Gustav Nyquist’s first NHL goal puck to serve prison time

A woman who stole items from storage units in Grand Rapids, MI, which included the puck from the first NHL goal scored by Detroit Red Wing Gustav Nyquist, will spend the next four to 30 years in

Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl T-Mobile commercial is grand (VIDEO)

“Famous Person” Kim Kardashian is “starring” in a T-Mobile commercial that will be aired during the Super Bowl.  It was released Tuesday and it could be a lot worse.  Per the T-Mobile YouTube page: Kim Kardashian West

“Highlights” from Episode 4 of Season 19 of “The Bachelor” (VIDEO)

Season 19 of ABC’s “The Bachelor” continued Monday night. Down from 30 to 14 chicks and one farmer dude from Iowa. They call him Prince Farming. I call him a lucky dog. As with any episode of

Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews and others team with GoPro to show off a bit (VIDEO)

The NHL has recently partnered with the camera company GoPro. To kick off the marriage, several NHL studs, including Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Henrik Lundqvist, P.K. Subban and T.J. Oshie (who has a HOT fiancee) strapped on

Scherzer thanks Tigers, fans in full page Free Press ad (PHOTO)

Last week, Max Scherzer signed an enormous contract (seven years, $210 million) to play baseball for the Washington Nationals. On Sunday, he reached out to the Tigers organization and fans of Detroit with a full page ad

Justin Verlander takes photo next to large stacks of money

Justin Verlander and the Tigers winter caravan stopped by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in Detroit (what?!) Thursday and visited a very large sum of money.  JV Instagram’ed a photo next to all of the cashola

Dover, Delaware police officer gets down to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (VIDEO)

This guy was just out doing his duty, to serve and protect.  And then my girl T. Swizz and “Shake It Off” took over. This is worth four minutes of your day even if you have to

A six-year old Packers fan, devastated by loss to Seahawks (VIDEO)

A six-year old Green Bay Packers fan didn’t take their loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship lightly.  In fact, he didn’t take it well at all.  Suck it up, kid.  It isn’t as though the Packers

Rob Gronkowski’s Party Bus – INSIDE THE NFL (VIDEO)

Patriots bro end Rob Gronkowski owns a party bus.  He calls it the Sinner’s Bus.  Showtime’s Inside the NFL profiled it.  Naturally. It looks fun.