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VIDEO: Daniel Norris, the new Tigers pitcher, lives in a van

The Tigers acquired 22-year old pitcher Daniel Norris in return for David Price Wednesday. In a narrative that will be told about 26,000 more times between now and the end of time, Norris enjoys living in his

VIDEO: Red Sox fan pukes all over other Red Sox fans

With a current record of 44-58, you might say that the Boston Red Sox have puked all over themselves in 2015.  On Wednesday night during the Red Sox 9-2 loss to the White Sox, one Red Sox

VIDEO: A Russian dude named Boris attends first ever baseball game

His name is Boris (and he’ll tell you about a dozen times).  He’s Russian.  He recently attended a San Diego Padres game, his first ever in-person baseball game.  He recorded it.  It’s entertaining.  You should watch.

VIDEO: Manute Bol’s 15-year son is 6’11” and can ball like crazy

Let me hit you with some crazy facts about Manute Bol’s 15-year old son.  1. His name is Bol Bol.  There may not be a better name in the history of names than when a guy’s first

Cardinals fan lady likes the drugs in Baseball Village’s bathroom

During Thursday’s Royals-Cardinals telecast, Fox Sports Midwest was interviewing some bird in a suite and asking about Baseball Village, a dining and entertainment district next to Busch Stadium.  When asked what she thought of the development, which

Mark Mulder is selling his RUSTIC Flagstaff, Arizona home

Former Major League All Star and Michigan State pitcher Mark Mulder is selling his Flagstaff, Arizona home while looking to upgrade within the area.  The home can be described in four words: 1) rustic; 2) ski lodge

Fact: Even small beers at baseball stadiums are expensive

Folks at The Marketing Report have provided an “official” study on something that we already know.  The beer you buy at professional sporting events is expensive – even the small beers. The infographic below reveals the prices

VIDEO: Le’Veon Bell can dunk a basketball with ease

Pittsburgh Steelers and former Michigan State stud running back Le’Veon Bell showed off some hoops skills on Instagram Tuesday.  At 6’1″, Bell displayed some serious hops.  Sure, athletes are athletes, but dunking a basketball at 6’1″ is

J.D. Martinez hits longest home run in Comerica Park history

J.D. Martinez provided one of the only (maybe the only) true Tigers highlight during Tuesday’s 11-8 loss to the Mariners.  He hit the longest home run in Comerica Park history.  The Taijuan Walker fastball traveled an estimated at

PHOTOS: Danica Patrick is living the yacht life in Chicago

Danica Patrick has been enjoying the Midwest weather in bikini on Lake Michigan with some gal pals.  You probably won’t even notice the Chicago skyline in the background of her Instagram photos.  And hey, I can’t hate