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Duluth, MN high schooler, Bjorn Broman, scores 74 points in game (VIDEO)

Duluth, Minnesota high school senior Bjorn Broman poured in 74 points in a recent game, raising his season average to 49.9 points/game.  Broman nailed 15 threes for Lakeview Christian Academy who actually LOST to Maranatha Christian Academy 109-100.

Penguins, Capitals brawl inside Penguins bench (VIDEO)

The Penguins-Capitals tilt took a wild turn Wednesday night when the two teams through hands right near both teams’ benches. It began when Pittburgh’s Blake Comeau grabbed a hold of Caps forward Tom Wilson and tossed him

Brad Ausmus joins Twitter to stir up things, feud with Taylor Swift

A good buddy texted me Tuesday night, “@BradAusmus07, legit?”  At the time, I thought no way. My response was, “I highly doubt it.”  There’s no reason for a Major League manager to have a Twitter account.  Brad

A Singing Baby Husky. Yes, A Singing Baby Husky (VIDEO).

The moral of this story is that everyone needs a baby husky. [Impulse Sports via reddit]

How Ridiculous presents “Trick Shots the Aussie Way” (VIDEO)

Selfie Sticks + Nifty Accents + Weird Australian Sports + Excelling at Weird Australian Sports = Entertaining Trick Shot Video Go ahead and find the hole in that equation, Sheldon Cooper.

“Daym Drops” Reviews Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust Pizza (VIDEO)

I haven’t had this monstrosity yet.  Key word, yet.  But this fellow makes me want to go grab some bacon crust wrapped ‘za right now.

Bonkers table tennis shot (VIDEO)

It doesn’t matter who these guys are, where or when this took place.  It was just put on YouTube on Monday and it is bat stuff crazy. Do not try this at home. You’ll just end up

Mark Dantonio reacts to Trae Waynes’ 40-yard dash time (VIDEO)

Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes ran an official 4.31 40-yard dash which was good for the fastest of anyone in the 2015 NFL Combine.  To put it in perspective, the fastest officially electronically-recorded 40-yard dash at the

Texas high school hoops team hits “train” of seven shots (VIDEO)

You might not be impressed by this video shot by seven guys on the Martin’s Mill Texas high school hoops team.  And if you aren’t, go grab six of your buddies and make near simultaneous jumpers, from 1-2 feet

“Highlights” from Episode 9 of Season 19 of “The Bachelor” (VIDEO)

Season 19 of ABC’s “The Bachelor” continued Monday night. Down from 30 to THREE chicks and a simpleton farmer from Iowa. They call him Prince Farming. The show took Farming, Becca, Kaitlyn and Whitney to Bali for