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VIDEO: Freestyle golf soccer trick shot

That moment when you realize you have way too much time on your hands… [Vine]

VIDEO: Thief caught stealing iPad during live Fox Sports broadcast

The content of this interview is not the least bit important here. Watch the clown behind the reporter.  “Hey, there’s an unattended tablet. It must be mine.”  Per Bleacher Report, the guy is a fan of Argentine

Watch this superstar Beagle save soccer balls (VIDEO)

If Jimmy Fallon’s future-telling puppies weren’t enough, here you get a soccer-playing Beagle.  And it’s as awesome as it sounds.  Sure your dog can sit and lay down and maybe even roll over.  But can he catch

Soccer team celebrates goal, then immediately gives up a goal (VIDEO)

A rough and tumble woman on the train in St. Louis once told my cousin that nobody likes a showoff.  That lady would have absolutely hated this soccer team in Africa.  Watch as the team in blue, Ferroviario,

FC Barcelona’s Foreign Influence Brings Catalan Pride

***This is a sponsored post.*** When Joan Gamper decided to set up a sporting club in the Catalan city of Barcelona, he could hardly have imagined that his soccer team would go on to become one of

Leeds United midfielder Adryan with the WORST SOCCER DIVE EVER (VIDEO)

Credit Brazilian prospect Adryan of Leeds United with why my three-year old son used to kick a soccer ball and fall down on the front lawn.   Me: “Why do you keep diving on the ground?” Son: “Because

Sports or Porn? (VIDEO)

Sometimes sports doesn’t look like sports. [talkSPORT]

ESPN’s Britt McHenry juggles a basketball like a boss (VIDEO)

Fact: Britt McHenry makes ESPN an alright television destination. Fact: Britt McHenry is pleasant on the eyes. Fact: Britt McHenry played college soccer at Stetson University. Fact: You’ll want to watch Miss McHenry juggle this lucky basketball like

Detroit soccer goalie’s great save makes Michigan player sad (VIDEO)

University of Detroit goalkeeper Nathan Steinwascher made a rather impressive save in overtime during a game against the University Michigan earlier this week that ended in tie. But the best part of this clip isn’t the save

Crazy wild Connecticut prep school goal (VIDEO)

  As high school soccer goals go, this goal scored in a recent game Connecticut is pretty darn decent. Porus Shroff is his (the goal scorer) name and bending it like Beckham is his game. Well, soccer