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Leeds United midfielder Adryan with the WORST SOCCER DIVE EVER (VIDEO)

Credit Brazilian prospect Adryan of Leeds United with why my three-year old son used to kick a soccer ball and fall down on the front lawn.   Me: “Why do you keep diving on the ground?” Son: “Because

Sports or Porn? (VIDEO)

Sometimes sports doesn’t look like sports. [talkSPORT]

ESPN’s Britt McHenry juggles a basketball like a boss (VIDEO)

Fact: Britt McHenry makes ESPN an alright television destination. Fact: Britt McHenry is pleasant on the eyes. Fact: Britt McHenry played college soccer at Stetson University. Fact: You’ll want to watch Miss McHenry juggle this lucky basketball like

Detroit soccer goalie’s great save makes Michigan player sad (VIDEO)

University of Detroit goalkeeper Nathan Steinwascher made a rather impressive save in overtime during a game against the University Michigan earlier this week that ended in tie. But the best part of this clip isn’t the save

Crazy wild Connecticut prep school goal (VIDEO)

  As high school soccer goals go, this goal scored in a recent game Connecticut is pretty darn decent. Porus Shroff is his (the goal scorer) name and bending it like Beckham is his game. Well, soccer

Fastest Goal in Mexican Pro Soccer History (VIDEO)

I know what you’re thinking – didn’t soccer go back to the bed after the World Cup ended.  Well, it did, for the most part.  But this goal from Gustavo Ramirez of Mineros de Zacatecas four seconds into their

Team Resilience, from Detroit, will compete in Homeless World Cup Tournament

Raise your hand if you have heard of the Homeless World Cup Soccer Tournament before?  Neither had I until hearing that Detroit will be represented in New York City this weekend for the North American Street Soccer Team regionals.

USA vs. Belgium: #AreYouReady (HYPE VIDEO)

The United States Men’s National Team squares off against Belgium, who are ranked No. 11 in the world according to FIFA, Tuesday afternoon at 4PM Eastern time in the World Cup Round of 16.  Tuesday morning, Team USA

FOX Sports’ Katie Nolan fends off horny German like a champ (VIDEO)

FOX Sports’ Katie Nolan was on duty at an authentic German bar in New York City, Zum Schneider to be exact, during the Germany-Algeria World Cup game Monday.  During her spot on live TV, she was confronted

Top Ten WAGs of the World Cup (Gallery)

Soccer players get all the girls who like physically fit guys who flop around on the ground like a fish on a dock.  They get the women who prefer the little white shorts.  They get the women