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VIDEO: Anna Kournikova dancing on a boat will make your Monday better

Anna Kournikova Instagram’d two videos of herself dancing on a boat in some tropical location Sunday.  The 34-year old former tennis babe still…has…it.  Whatever it is. The dancing marathon continues 😂😂😂 Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!

VIDEO: Tennis player Cara Black does crazy drill showing off reflexes

Cara Black is a 37-year old tennis player who has won 750 doubles matches and 71 doubles titles in her career (thanks Wikipedia).  Something tells me that this drill helped her get to those ridiculous numbers. I

VIDEO: Australian Open line judge takes shot to the UGH

Tennis line judges, such as this nice fellow at the Australian Open, sign up to determine which side of a line a ball hits the ground.  They do not sign up to dodge torpedoes such as this

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon do Beyonce dance at U.S. Open

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon attended the U.S. Open in New York Wednesday and put on a little Beyonce show during one of the change overs.  They’re show was nearly as impressive as Roger Federer bouncing Richard Gasquet

ESPN gives USELESS text alert prior to Serena-Venus U.S. Open match

ESPN provided the absolute worst text alert prior to the U.S. Open quarterfinal match between Serena and Venus Williams.  Thankfully (the opposite of thankfully), they alerted us that Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner arrived to their seats

VIDEO: John Isner drops EPIC volley against Roger Federer

If this John Isner volley against Roger Federer Monday night in the U.S. Open isn’t the best volley you have ever seen, I’m going to call you a big fat liar. Isner gave Federer all of one

VIDEO: How 98,000 official U.S. Open tournament balls were made

This year’s U.S. Open tennis tournament will go through 98,000 tennis balls (give or take).  Benedict Redgrove took to Instagram and posted a video of how those suckers were made, pre-Serena smash.  It’s pretty interesting. This is

PHOTOS: Andy Roddick selling Los Angeles home

Andy Roddick’s 4,910 square-foot Los Angeles home is on the market and could be yours for $3.4 million.  The listing hypes up the modernness of the house. It has five bedrooms and features pristine white walls and enormous steel-lined

This guy is at Wimbledon

Biggest tennis fan ever, I guess.  Maybe biggest Simpsons fan ever?

PHOTOS: Celebrity hotties celebrate Fourth of July

Something tells me that these celebrity hotties didn’t spend the Fourth of July like the common American folks – near a lake with hamburgers and hot dogs.  But, the beauty of social media, specifically Instagram, it’s almost like