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PHOTOS: Andy Roddick selling Los Angeles home

Andy Roddick’s 4,910 square-foot Los Angeles home is on the market and could be yours for $3.4 million.  The listing hypes up the modernness of the house. It has five bedrooms and features pristine white walls and enormous steel-lined

This guy is at Wimbledon

Biggest tennis fan ever, I guess.  Maybe biggest Simpsons fan ever?

PHOTOS: Celebrity hotties celebrate Fourth of July

Something tells me that these celebrity hotties didn’t spend the Fourth of July like the common American folks – near a lake with hamburgers and hot dogs.  But, the beauty of social media, specifically Instagram, it’s almost like

Novak Djokovic catches Roger Federer return with his racket (VIDEO)

Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in straight sets in the BNP Paribas Open Sunday, but that wasn’t his most impressive feat of the day. Check out how he caught Roger Federer’s return of a faulty serve…using only

Caroline Wozniacki is in 2015 SI Swimsuit Issue…and nobody is mad at it (PHOTOS)

Women’s tennis star Caroline Wozniacki will grace the pages of the 2015 Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue which can’t hit newsstands soon enough.  I, for one, can’t wait to read the articles and check out the photographers’ usage

Idiot screams during Nadal’s serve, opponent asks umpire to grant Nadal first serve again (VIDEO)

Let me set the scene: 2nd round of the Australian Open. Third-ranked Rafael Nadal against unranked 27-year old American Tim Smyczek (pictured).  Fifth and final set.  Nadal was serving, leading 6-5 and 30-Love. Nadal’s first serve toss went

Caroline Wozniacki got her racket caught in her hair (VIDEO)

This is reason #312 why I will never have a French braid – just in case I ever have go to my backhand at center court of the U.S. Open. Man, would that be bad.

Roger Federer drills opponent in the butt (with between-the-legs shot) (VIDEO)

Roger Federer drilled Marinko Matosevic in the butt Tuesday night and then he went on to beat him in straight sets.  A lob shot from Matosevic landed a smidge long, but that didn’t stop Federer from playing it

Dizzy Serena Williams looks terribly awkward during Wimbledon doubles loss (VIDEO)

Multiple visits from the tournament doctor didn’t stop Serena Williams from playing on in her Wimbledon doubles match Tuesday despite looking terribly uncoordinated and almost (gasp) drunk.  Playing with sister Venus, Serena had trouble doing menial things

Tennis fan goes all out at Wimbledon (PHOTO)

I’m not positive, but I think this guy is a pretty big tennis fan.