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Fact: Jim Harbaugh doesn’t find whining attractive; Jim Harbaugh whines

Based on this tweet below, one can assume that Jim Harbaugh does not like whining.  It’s a jab, or subtweet if you will, at the SEC schools who are complaining about Harbaugh bringing his Michigan team to

Michigan interim athletic director Jim Hackett to donate half his first year salary

The University of Michigan interim director of athletics, Jim Hackett, has been a huge breath of fresh air for Wolverines fan every.  On Wednesday, it came out that Hackett is doing more than just (severely) improving the

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh shows off tree-climbing skills to woo recruit

In yet another episode of ‘The Recruiting Ways of Jim Harbaugh’, Jimmy climbed a tree to woo four-star recruit David Long Jr., a DB out of Pasadena, California.  HE CLIMBED A TREE. The Detroit Free Press noted Long’s

Jim Harbaugh couldn’t look goofier in this selfie taken by kicker recruit Quinn Nordin

Rockford, MI kicking recruit Quinn Nordin and Jim Harbaugh traveled to Ann Arbor Friday. Nordin took a selfie of their travels and Harbaugh couldn’t have looked goofier.  If you remember, and I’m sure you do, Nordin is

Michigan State fans troll Jim Harbaugh during recruiting visit

Jim Harbaugh was pulling into a Rockford, MI neighborhood to continue recruiting kicker Quinn Nordin when he was met with this sign from an obvious Michigan State fan. If you remember, Harbaugh was rumored to have planned

Harbaugh: Obama hit the State of the Union “out of the park”

Jim Harbaugh was on hand for President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Tuesday and told TMZ that Obama “hit it out of the park”.  Harbaugh and his wife Sara were guests of Congressman Justin Amash (R-Mich) and

Jim Harbaugh planning sleepover at recruit’s house

Jim Harbaugh told kicker recruit Quinn Nordin that he will sleep over at Nordin’s house when the contact recruiting window opens on Friday.  Jim Harbaugh wants to sleep over at a recruit’s house.  Jim Harbaugh, a grown

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh destroys a hot dog at the Red Wings-Sharks game

LOOK OUT, HOT DOGS!  Jim Harbaugh is after you!  While visiting family and friends in northern California, Harbaugh stopped by the Red Wings-Sharks game Thursday in San Jose.  It was there that he committed murder on this hot

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh does the “dab” during Kingston Davis’ recruiting visit

Jim Harbaugh is not above doing crazy weird things to catch the eye of a recruit or a television camera.  Those razy weird things include doing the “dab” during an in-home visit with Wolverines’ fullback commit Kingston Davis.

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh pulls out fancy basketball move against high schooler with special needs

Jim Harbaugh spent Monday visiting Brandon Peters, a four-star commit who is a cornerback in Avon, Indiana.  While there, he popped in on a gym class to play some hoops with people with special needs.  As you