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VIDEO: Harbaugh says Michigan wants to be Michigan State

On Tuesday, Jim Harbaugh met with nearly 200 Detroit-area high school coaches at the Horatio Williams clinic in Detroit, where MSU has come in previous years.  In a rather rare act of humility, Harbaugh admitted to the crowd that

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott tweets Michigan “toilet” humor

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott tweeted out some toilet humor over the weekend about the Michigan Wolverines.  A block ‘M’ in a urinal. I’m guessing this pissed off a few people in Ann Arbor. Pun intended. [@EzekielElliott]

PHOTO: Jim Harbaugh is on the Sports Illustrated cover

…and they should not have zoomed in that far.  That’s all.  I have nothing of substance to add. But seriously, it’s pretty creepy.

Video: Jim Harbaugh’s wife is a “winner all the way”

Jim Harbaugh talked about how he met his current wife on HBO’s “Real Sports” with Andrea Kremer.  And my goodness is this guy all kinds of psycho.  Once divorced, Harbaugh said he saw his current wife, Sarah,

HBO’s “Real Sports” to show special on Jim Harbaugh (PREVIEW INSIDE)

I am not a Michigan fan.  I am not a Jim Harbaugh fan.  But, this preview of the interview Andrea Kremer did of Harbaugh for HBO’s “Real Sports” is pretty cool.  The profile that will air Tuesday

PHOTO: Michigan State Sparty statue vandalized by Michigan fans

Michigan fans thought they were sweet sometime Wednesday night/early Thursday morning spray painting Michigan State’s Sparty statue maize (yellow) and blue.  The statue is on MSU’s campus in between McLane Stadium and Spartan Stadium.  And now it’s

Tom Brady’s awful body cast April Fool’s joke (PHOTO)

Tom Brady posted a Photoshopped picture of himself laying in a hospital bed sporting a full body cast on his Facebook page.  The caption: “(Michael) Jordan’s crossover is no joke!” It’s a good thing this guy is

Ohio State gives dogs ammo with Michigan-colored fire hydrants (PHOTO)

Ohio State has made the area around their College of Veterinary Medicine a lot more dog friendly.  You see, they’re encouraging the dogs relieving themselves and even gave them targets. It’s your move, Harbaugh [Eleven Warriors]

READ: Michigan TE coach Jay Harbaugh sends note to TE recruit’s girlfriend

Major college football and basketball recruiting is a dirty game.  Michigan tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh, son of Jim Harbaugh, got down and dirty by sending a note to the girlfriend of four-star tight end prospect Naseir Upshur.

Jim Harbaugh says he isn’t worth $5 million

Back in December, Jim Harbaugh wasn’t just hired to be the head football coach at the University of Michigan.  He was hired to be the savior. At the time, there were rumors from a source at