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VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh smashed a buckeye near Bo Schembechler’s grave

Jim Harbaugh smashed a buckeye on the ground near Bo Schembechler’s gravestone.  In real life.  Harbaugh’s Michigan team is preparing for its biggest showdown with Ohio State in the last decade on Saturday.  Harbaugh took the traditional Wolverines’ walk through

Michigan TE Jake Butt ironic tweets following Nebraska’s robbery from Michigan State

We have all seen the Nebraska touchdown where their receiver ran out of bounds on his own behalf, came back in the playing field and caught the winning touchdown to beat Michigan State.  Michigan tight end Jake

Jim Harbaugh asks fans to be respectful on Twitter; gets ripped

On Wednesday morning, Jim Harbaugh sent a tweet to the cesspool that is social media.  He attempted to wrangle the internet savages who have no fear flexing their “muscles” while hitting send after a threatening or harassing tweet

Jim Harbaugh reveals his secret daily vitamins

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh revealed his secret daily vitamin Monday during his radio show from Ann Arbor.  Host Jim Brandstatter asked Harbaugh a question from a fan for how his not-yet-born baby can grow to be 6-foot-5 and

Jim Harbaugh gives trick-or-treating advice…because of course he does

The keys to Harbaugh’s madness, which he preached to his kids, are hustle and a secret tactic to get more candy than every other kid. And listen to the one costume Harbaugh mentions when Galli asked what

Michigan State makes shirts poking fun at Michigan fan

We all remember the play that caused this Michigan fan to live in internet fame for the foreseeable future.  Ohio State helped his cause but making t-shirts with his likeness, living off the Spartans win.  Now, Michigan

Tom Brady wants to play football for a very very long time

Tom Brady was engaged in a conference call with the New York media on Wednesday prior to the Patriots-Jets game this weekend when he was asked how much longer he wants to play.  The 38-year old didn’t

Ex-Michigan coach Brady Hoke: I wouldn’t have punted

Ex-Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke turned SiriusXM College Sports co-host with Mark Packer said Tuesday that he would not have punted if he was in Jim Harbaugh’s situation Saturday against Michigan State.  The Wolverines lost to MSU

Michigan punter Blake O’Neill talks to media for first time after blunder

“You dust yourself off and move on.” That was the message that Michigan punter Blake O’Neill conveyed to the media Tuesday, speaking for the first time since MSU’s Jalen Watts-Jackson returned his fumble 38 yards for a

VIDEO: MSU’s Andrew Dowell and TJ Harrell have funny exchange after win over Michigan

You heard about Michigan State beating Michigan on the last play of the game, right?  The game where Mark Dantonio “hit the quan” in the locker room.  Sure you do.  Michigan State freshman Andrew Dowell and TJ