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Jake Butt family photo

The family of Michigan tight end Jake Butt was in attendance for Michigan’s drubbing of Brigham Young Saturday in Ann Arbor. Prior to the game, the Butts got together for a family picture. And this is what

Ohio State’s national championship trophy doesn’t include “Michigan”

Ohio State won the football national championship and have absolutely owned the University of Michigan for over a decade now. But, like it or not, they have become obsessed when it comes to the Wolverines. The Buckeyes’ national championship

Playboy ranks Michigan as top ten party school

Playboy introduced a new school in their annual “Top Ten Party Schools” rankings for 2015.  That would be the University of Michigan.  According to the blurb on “Oh, “the Michigan difference.” The haughty catchphrase works because

VIDEO: Michigan sings “The Victors” after first win of the Harbaugh era

The University of Michigan football team sang “The Victors” after beating Oregon State 35-7 for their first win of the Jim Harbaugh era.  And, here: It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine! #GoBlue — Michigan Athletics

PHOTOS: “Hail” t-shirt plays off Harbaugh’s khakis

For $17.90 (plus shipping and handling), you can have your own Michigan “Hail” t-shirt with Jim Harbaugh’s lower half donned in khakis. [Down With Detroit]

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh freaks the heck out after roughing the kicker call

Jim Harbaugh won his first football game as the University of Michigan head coach Saturday and he worked for it.  Said work including this temper tantrum after the refs called a roughing the kicker penalty during the

PHOTO: Michigan fans vandalize Spartan statue on Michigan State’s campus

We are 36 hours away from one of the biggest college football games of the year and Michigan State clean-up crews are cleaning spray paint off the Spartan statue, obviously a job completed by Michigan fans. Some

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh gives Drake Johnson the socks off his feet

Jim Harbaugh is better than the guy who will give you the shirt off his back.  He’ll give you the socks off his sweaty (and crazy) feet.  A Busted Coverage reader sent oldie (a month old) but

Jim Harbaugh loves himself some Jake Butt, Jake Butt, Jake Butt

After Michigan tight end Jake Butt’s eight catch, 93-yard, one touchdown performance Thursday, Jim Harbaugh couldn’t get enough (of) Butt. Here are some uncut post game comments:

Kid who asked Harbaugh about milk gets lifetime supply

You remember the little kid who asked Jim Harbaugh how much milk he should drink to be big enough to play quarterback?  Well, it ended up being a brilliant move by six-year-old Brady Carpenter. On Monday, the Fairlife