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VIDEO: Crazy trampoline tricks

Here are three and a half minutes of two dudes with absolutely no fear doing some crazy trampoline tricks to very bad music. Watch it if you’d like. That’s all.  Carry on. [reddit]

Golfer Karsten Maas’ latest trick shot video

Combine a hammer club, a hose pipe club and a world-record driver and you get Karsten Maas’ latest golf trick shot video.  These tee shot trick shots are almost as good as mine. When I’m on my game,

VIDEO: Superdad snags foul ball while feeding baby

This video of a dad stealing a foul ball from the Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez, while feeding his baby, will give any mom a heart attack.  But shockingly (because he’s a Cubs fan), this super dad made it

VIDEO: Bubba Watson hits ridiculous putt during U.S. Open practice

Bubba Watson spent part of Friday reading the greens of Chambers Bay Golf Course, the site of next week’s 115th U.S. Open in Tacoma, Washington. Without looking at the hole, let me repeat, without looking at the

VIDEO: BMX rider dominates the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome

His name is Tyler Fernengel.  He’s a 19 year old BMXer and a native metro Detroiter.  He recently road his bike through the depths of the abandoned and looted Pontiac Silverdome.  And he recorded it.  According to, Fernengel

GIF: Jose Iglesias’ no-look catch thanks to the sun

When your glove is as good as Jose Iglesias’, you don’t even need to look.  On Saturday against the White Sox, Iglesias battled the sun on a soft liner hit right at him.  At the last second,

Michigan high school pole vaulter OK after pole impales his eye

Hartland High School (MI) senior Alex Lindahl was warming up for his pole vault event Tuesday when his pole shattered and pieces hit the area around his left eye.  24 hours later, Alex tweeted two words, “thanks everyone”.

Michigan centerfielder Jackson Glines’ catch makes SportsCenter’s #1 play

Wednesday afternoon, University of Michigan centerfielder Jackson Glines make a Jim Edmonds-like catch which earned him SportsCenter’s top play. The senior centerfielder from California robbed Indiana’s Nick Ramos of extra bases. Michigan beat Indiana and will face

VIDEO: Ambassador Bridge crew duties gives me the willies

  YouTube publisher Michael Evans took video of workers on the Ambassador Bridge walking along a tight-rope about 120-some yards in the air.  Take an entire football field and turn it vertical.  That’s how high this guy

VIDEO: Thief caught stealing iPad during live Fox Sports broadcast

The content of this interview is not the least bit important here. Watch the clown behind the reporter.  “Hey, there’s an unattended tablet. It must be mine.”  Per Bleacher Report, the guy is a fan of Argentine