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Baseball bat trickster shows up softball bat trickster

This softball bat trickster chick (Marisa Arriaga of Cedar Hill, Texas) deserves all the accolades (Vine loops) that are coming to her.  But, enter @Bercules88.  This guy just showed up softball chick with no shame in his game.

VIDEO: Softball bat trick

This softball bat trick is so ridiculous, I’m not even sure what she does with the bat behind her back.  At just shy of 10 million Vine loops at the time of this post, this is pretty

VIDEO: Cliff jumper sets world record with 193-foot jump off waterfall

At Switzerland’s Cascata del Salto, Laso Schaller set a ridiculous world record with a 192.9 foot jump off a platform in a waterfall.  To soften the impact on Schaller, his crew added six tanks in the water to

VIDEO: Michigan resident is a world champion yo-yo(er)

20-year old Michigan resident Jake Elliott took the top spot in the World in the “5A” or “freehand” category of the 2015 World Yo-Yo contest. As someone who may or may not be able to get the yo-yo up

VIDEO: Slackline world record holder beats own record with this insane walk

Spencer Seabrooke is his name. Slacklining is his game. And it’s a terrible game to want to be good at.  From 1,000 feet above ground (according to Gizmodo), Seabrooke walked this 210-foot slack line in British Columbia,

VIDEO: Dustin Johnson went all amateur hour on 1st hole Sunday at PGA Championship

Pros like Dustin Johnson get all the range time they want prior to their round. Amateurs like you and me roll up to the course, change our shoes and maybe hit a few putts. So it’s explainable

VIDEO: Manute Bol’s 15-year son is 6’11” and can ball like crazy

Let me hit you with some crazy facts about Manute Bol’s 15-year old son.  1. His name is Bol Bol.  There may not be a better name in the history of names than when a guy’s first

J.D. Martinez hits longest home run in Comerica Park history

J.D. Martinez provided one of the only (maybe the only) true Tigers highlight during Tuesday’s 11-8 loss to the Mariners.  He hit the longest home run in Comerica Park history.  The Taijuan Walker fastball traveled an estimated at

Chinese kindergarten kids’ basketball dance

Kids from No.1 Kindergarten of Ningbo Government, a Zhejiang province in China, practiced their “famous” basketball dance.  And it’s amazing. Seriously.  Go find 30 of your friends and try to pull this off.  It won’t happen.

VIDEO: Detroit Mercy lacrosse player shows off sick stick skills while surfing

University of Detroit Mercy lacrosse player Julie Castner has some kind of stick skills.  You have seen lacrosse players everywhere stick handle in their front yard and along the sidelines of other amateur sporting events.  But have