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Sidney Crosby catches teammate’s stick in mid-air…with his stick (VIDEO)

Sidney Crosby did one of the cooler things you’ll see this hockey season and it had nothing to do with a goal, a pass or a play on the puck. Teammate Patric Hörnqvist had his stick chopped

How Ridiculous presents “Trick Shots the Aussie Way” (VIDEO)

Selfie Sticks + Nifty Accents + Weird Australian Sports + Excelling at Weird Australian Sports = Entertaining Trick Shot Video Go ahead and find the hole in that equation, Sheldon Cooper.

Bonkers table tennis shot (VIDEO)

It doesn’t matter who these guys are, where or when this took place.  It was just put on YouTube on Monday and it is bat stuff crazy. Do not try this at home. You’ll just end up

Texas high school hoops team hits “train” of seven shots (VIDEO)

You might not be impressed by this video shot by seven guys on the Martin’s Mill Texas high school hoops team.  And if you aren’t, go grab six of your buddies and make near simultaneous jumpers, from 1-2 feet

Ines Sainz makes for a solid gym advertisement (PHOTOS)

Mexican sports journalist hottie Ines Sainz recently did some modeling for a Mexican exercise apparel company and photos to her Twitter and Instagram over the weekend. You see, this might make me get to the gym regularly,

Former Michigan WR Devin Funchess could head butt a basketball rim if wanted to (VIDEO)

Former Michigan tight end/wide receiver/offensive weapon Devin Funchess showed off his mad hops (or leaping skills for the layperson) on Instagram Sunday.  While training at the IMG Academy in Florida in preparation for May’s NFL draft, Funchess

Patrick Kane made Marc-Andre Fleury look silly during shootout (VIDEO)

This just in: Patrick Kane has dangles for days.  Weeks even.  Sunday, during the shootout between the Blackhawks and Penguins, Kane made Marc-Andre Fleury, a competent NHL goalie, look like a beer league siv with his nasty ridiculous sick ludicrous

Florida State’s Phil Cofer put Duke’s Jahlil Okafor on a poster (VIDEO)

Here’s FSU’s Phil Cofer with his entry into the Dunk of the Month Club.  And a mighty fine entry it is.  Just ask Duke freshman stud Jahlil Okafor.

German hockey player goes spin-o-rama for the goal (VIDEO)

The details of this spin-o-rama goal in a recent German hockey game are negligible.  The guy’s name is Raphael Kaefer.  He plays for the EHC Kolstersee in Germany’s third division. And he combined a little <insert very good

Predators’ goalie Pekka Rinne makes glove save with back to shooter (GIF)

Predators’ goalie Pekka Rinne make a glove save Tuesday night with his back to the shooter.  Read that again – “with his back to the shooter”.  A botched poke check put Rinne in an impossible spot against