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VIDEO: Youth quarterback throws no-look-over-the-head pass

The Plainview-Elgin-Millville middle school team in Minnesota pulled off a two-point conversion play that will be talked about for decades.  Lined up for a two-point conversion, the quarterback (we’ll call him Little Jimmy) took the snap from Little

VIDEO: Nik Stauskas hits 3-pointers with random objects

Philadelphia 76ers and former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas can drill three-pointers with the best of them.  And when basketballs became too easy, he dominated Off the Record with Michael Landsberg‘s “Ultimate 3-Point Challenge”.  After breaking up with his

VIDEO: Michigan State’s Aaron Burbridge submits “Catch of the Year” candidate

Michigan State wide receiver Aaron Burbridge entered this submission for the “Catch of the Year” Saturday. It was a 28-yard strike from Connor Cook for a touchdown. Burbridge torched Air Force with five catches for 116 yards

11-year old boy juggles soccer ball while playing the saxophone

This 11-year old can juggle a soccer ball while playing the saxophone.  I can neither play the saxophone or juggle a soccer ball (more than three or four times).  Therefore, I have failed at life.

VIDEO: Ameer Abdullah’s first career run is very very shifty

Lions rookie running back Ameer Abdullah had a decent first run of his NFL career.  He only broke two ankles on the way to the end zone.  That’s Chargers safety Eric Weddle’s ankles exploding at the eight-yard

Draymond Green donates $3.1 million to Michigan State basketball program

Draymond Green wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to say thank you to Tom Izzo and the Michigan State basketball program. On Thursday, Green announced that he is donating $3.1 million to support Spartan hoops.  The

VIDEO: John Isner drops EPIC volley against Roger Federer

If this John Isner volley against Roger Federer Monday night in the U.S. Open isn’t the best volley you have ever seen, I’m going to call you a big fat liar. Isner gave Federer all of one

VIDEO: Drew Brees wrestles crocodile on Bear Grylls’ show

Saints quarterback Drew Brees appeared on Running in the Wild With Bear Grylls Monday night and wrestled a crocodile and jumped out of a helicopter.  We are inside a week of the 2016 NFL season starting and one of

Baseball bat trickster shows up softball bat trickster

This softball bat trickster chick (Marisa Arriaga of Cedar Hill, Texas) deserves all the accolades (Vine loops) that are coming to her.  But, enter @Bercules88.  This guy just showed up softball chick with no shame in his game.

VIDEO: Softball bat trick

This softball bat trick is so ridiculous, I’m not even sure what she does with the bat behind her back.  At just shy of 10 million Vine loops at the time of this post, this is pretty