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VIDEO: Manute Bol’s 15-year son is 6’11” and can ball like crazy

Let me hit you with some crazy facts about Manute Bol’s 15-year old son.  1. His name is Bol Bol.  There may not be a better name in the history of names than when a guy’s first

J.D. Martinez hits longest home run in Comerica Park history

J.D. Martinez provided one of the only (maybe the only) true Tigers highlight during Tuesday’s 11-8 loss to the Mariners.  He hit the longest home run in Comerica Park history.  The Taijuan Walker fastball traveled an estimated at

Chinese kindergarten kids’ basketball dance

Kids from No.1 Kindergarten of Ningbo Government, a Zhejiang province in China, practiced their “famous” basketball dance.  And it’s amazing. Seriously.  Go find 30 of your friends and try to pull this off.  It won’t happen.

VIDEO: Detroit Mercy lacrosse player shows off sick stick skills while surfing

University of Detroit Mercy lacrosse player Julie Castner has some kind of stick skills.  You have seen lacrosse players everywhere stick handle in their front yard and along the sidelines of other amateur sporting events.  But have

VIDEO: Kid Giants fan saves his dad’s face

Sunday at the Giants game, this dad was already mentally on the All Star break.  Thank goodness his son wasn’t.  Watch Son saves Dad’s ass (and his face). Nice play, Sonny.

Jed Mildon – first ever BMX quad backflip

What happens when it’s a slow (see also ultra slow) sports day?  You get video of the first ever BMX quad backflip.  In layman’s terms, that’s four backflips on a dirt bike for the first time ever.

VIDEO: Detroit’s Park Avenue Hotel imploded in seconds

Detroit’s Park Avenue Hotel, built in the 1920’s and abandoned since 2003, was imploded with 200 pounds of dynamite Saturday morning. It was leveled as part of the $650 million development project centered around the new Detroit Red Wings

(Awesome) VIDEO: Clayton Kershaw’s curveball in slow motion

Clayton Kershaw’s curveball may be the best pitch in baseball.  And here it is in slow motion.  Kershaw will go down as one of the best pitchers in baseball history.  At age 27, he has 103 career

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Crazy wild insane NASCAR crash at Daytona Sunday night

In Sunday night’s Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway, Austin Dillon survived one of the gnarliest car crashes you will ever see.  Just after Dale Earnhardt, Jr. crossed the finish line (the race was technically over), contact

VIDEO: Crazy trampoline tricks

Here are three and a half minutes of two dudes with absolutely no fear doing some crazy trampoline tricks to very bad music. Watch it if you’d like. That’s all.  Carry on. [reddit]