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VIDEO: Female powerlifter projectile vomits all over judges mid lift

Female powerlifter, known on social media as BlondeBeautyBri (pictured above), projectile vomited all over the judges during the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  “BlondeBeautyBri” had the bar just inches off the floor when you could tell

VIDEO: Pro golfer hits shot through open hotel window

In his hotel room before last week’s Omega Dubai Desert Classic, Nicolas Colsaerts took out his three iron and testicular fortitude and hit a golf ball through his open hotel window.  Colsaerts, aka the Belgian Bomber, hit the shot into

VIDEO: Jusuf Nurkić’s ankles have seen better days

That one time (Monday night) when Joe Johnson destroyed Jusuf Nurkić’s ankles. I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I had no idea who Jusuf Nurkić was before Monday night. But being the caring person I am, I truly feel

VIDEO: Andre Drummond hits shot from far free throw line

Andre Drummond hits 35% of his shots from the near free throw line. But he hits 100% of his shots from the far free throw line. Granny shot this one, haters.  (He totally needs to change his

VIDEO: Tomas Tatar shows off sick stickhandling skills in “GoPro: NHL After Dark”

In episode one of GoPro: NHL After Dark 2016, Red Wings young gun Tomas Tatar showed off some silly stickhandling moves. You don’t have to have played hockey to admire this work. He credited his stupid good

The one time the Tigers blatantly committed sexual discrimination…

It was over 30 years ago, in different times, but the Detroit Tigers were guilty of sexual discrimination.  Blatantly.  Tony Paul, baseball writer for the Detroit News, retweeted a letter from a Tigers fan Thursday.  And in

The BEST three-putt ever

This putt qualifies not only as the best three-putt ever, but (probably) the only good three-putt I have seen.

REPORT: Calvin Johnson to retire

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Calvin Johnson has told Jim Caldwell that he will retire. He joins Barry Sanders as one of the best players at his position, in the history of the game, to retire after

VIDEO: Dylan Larkin breaks 20-year old fastest skater record

Anyone who has seen Dylan Larkin skate should know that he’s an elite skater. But I’m not sure if anyone expected him to break the 20-year old fastest skater record during the NHL Skills Competition Saturday.  Mike Gartner set

Spurs C Boban Marjanovic’s make Ray McCallum Jr.’s head look TINY

In not-so-breaking news, Spurs C Boban Marjanovic has large hands.  And he unintentionally used Spurs and former Detroit Mercy guard Ray McCallum’s head to show us.  Marjanovic, a native of Serbia, stands 7’3″.  If he played right field,