Who is the Hottest Golf Channel Hottie of All-Time?

Even for the biggest golf fan, twenty-four hours of non-stop golf coverage can get a little dry.  You can only get so much swing analysis and overseas tournaments before you pick up your ball and leave.  So, of course, some GC executive played the role of genius and decided to stick some lovely ladies on the air drive ratings.

Female sports analysts don’t come much hotter than Holly Sonders, Win McMurry and Lauren Thompson.  Check out the pics and tell us who your favorite is.

Holly Sonders

Holly joined Golf Channel in January 2011.  She provides tournament and news updates as well as the top headlines of the day Morning Drive.  Waking up to this four-year member of the Michigan State women’s golf team is like Christmas morning.


Holly-Sonders-2 Holly-Sonders-3 Holly-Sonders-4 Holly-Sonders-5 Holly-Sonders-6 Holly-Sonders-7 Holly-Sonders-8 Holly-Sonders-9

Win McMurry

Win McMurry joined Golf Channel in 2010. She reports for Golf Central, serves as a contributor on the “Grey Goose 19th Hole,” hosts a web exclusive called “Gone with the Win”.  She’s a Tar Heel and actually didn’t play in college.  But needless to say, she’s “Winning.”


Win-McMurry-2 7 Nights at the Academy Win-McMurry-5 Win-McMurry-4 Win-McMurry-6 Win-McMurry-7 11th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Gala 11th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Gala - Arrivals

Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson joined Golf Channel in 2009 as host of Top 10.  She’s a model, actress, and on-air radio and television personality.  As you can see, this Central Florida grad should be ALL OVER the television.

Lauren-Thompson-2 Lauren-Thompson-3 Lauren-Thompson-4 Lauren-Thompson-5 Lauren-Thompson-6 Lauren-Thompson-7 Lauren-Thompson-8 Lauren-Thompson-9

So, who’s the hottest of the Golf Channel hotties?


Who is the hottest of the Golf Channel hotties?

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