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Max Scherzer to celebrate Cy Young award win with lots of champagne

On Wednesday evening, it was announced that Tigers ace Max Scherzer was the American League Cy Young award winner for 2013.  Not three hours later, Scherzer had his drug store baskets full of the (highest quality) $15 champagne one can buy.

via @Max_Scherzer

via @Max_Scherzer

Scherzer received 28 of the 30 possible first place votes to finish ahead of second place Yu Darvish of the Rangers. Scherzer finished with a 21-3 record with a 2.90 ERA over 32 starts. His domination had him in top five in the league in ERA, innings (214 1/3), strikeouts (240), WHIP (0.97), K/BB (4.28).

With those numbers, you’d think he would have needed a last-minute liquor run.

Max’s wife Erica May later tweeted a picture of how Mr. and Mrs. Cy Young celebrated “the right way.” More champagne, but much much better quality champagne.

via @emaysway

via @emaysway

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