Michigan State beats Kentucky, wrecks Wildcats fans’ domain name

The number-two ranked Michigan State Fighting Izzos beat John Calipari’s top-ranked Kentucky freshmen 78-74 Tuesday in the Champions Classic.  Even though the number one team lost, it wasn’t an upset according to Vegas, which had the Spartans favored anywhere from two-and-a-half to four points.

The one place it was an upset isn’t actually a place.  A group of Kentucky fans came together and created 40and0.com to celebrate Kentucky’s quest at a perfect season.

Per the site, they say they birthed the idea to take their focus of their football team.

“Like Lawrence of Arabia fighting with all of his will to get to Acaba when nobody could get to Acaba, we needed to believe in 40-0. It would get us through football season. 40-0.  We made an initial batch. No school logo. No saying on the back about the Final Four in Dallas 2014. A simple blue tee with white numbers: 40-0. You know and we know what it means.”

It took all of three games for their t-shirts and domain name to be garbage.  It was a nice thought though.  An arrogant, egotistical, presumptuous thought.  I wonder if Calipari was behind it.

via 40and0.com

via 40and0.com

Update: Somebody has already purchased 39and1.com.  It contains a GIF of former Kentucky All-American Anthony Davis getting abused, while naked.

[Thanks @SpartanFanEric]

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