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Rick Carlisle does Gregg Popovich impersonation with Chris Broussard (VIDEO)

via YouTube

via YouTube

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has become notorious for giving short/secretive/nonsense answers to questions asked in-game by sideline reporters. Craig Sager of TNT has been the victim of multiple Popovich ploys.  On Wednesday, it was Rick Carlisle’s turn.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard spoke with Carlisle during the now mandatory in-game interview.  Broussard asked Carlisle whether he would consider having his Mavericks double team the Rockets’ Dwight Howard in the fourth quarter.  Howard had scored 25 points through three quarters.  Carlisle’s answer: “yes.”  Broussard then asked whether Houston’s prowess from behind the arc made it tough to decide to double-team Howard.  Carlisle kept is simple with another “yes.”

Props to Carlisle acknowledging the Popovich impersonation.  Hopefully the NBA, ESPN and TNT all realize that these in-game interviews are absolutely pointless and demeaning to their sideline reporters.

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