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C.J. Mosley doesn’t want Ndamukong Suh to leave Detroit (VIDEO)

Ndamukong Suh may have played his last game at Ford Field.  The Lions will not return to Ford Field in 2014 unless they host a playoff game and Suh is a free agent at season’s end.  I’m

“I’m a Lions fan” VIDEO

Despite being 10-4 and currently on top of the NFC North, being a Lions fan is hard work…

Lions RB Joique Bell hosts holiday shopping spree for kids with good grades (VIDEO)

Lions running back and Michigan native Joique Bell hosted a shopping spree to reward kids who are earning good grades.  He hosted 35 Metro Detroit area children at the recently-opened Meijer on Eight Mile Road in Detroit.

Ndamukong Suh is weird.

It isn’t breaking news that Ndamukong Suh is a free agent at season’s end.  It’s also not breaking news that the Lions would have a big gap in their defensive line should Suh sign elsewhere.  My prediction

Matthew Stafford’s fiancee is better at basketball than he is (VIDEO)

For a chick who was a former cheerleader, Matthew Stafford’s fiancee Kelly Hall, can hoop.  I present to you Exhibit A and Exhibit B.  For an NFL quarterback who used to play high school baseball, Miss Hall’s

Did Russell Wilson steal Joe Fauria’s girlfriend?

Late Sunday night/early Monday morning, Lions tight end Joe Fauria took to Twitter telling Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to enjoy his (former?) girlfriend, Erika Ann Hammond. For what it’s worth, the tweet was deleted almost immediately.  This

Joe Fauria scores, twerks, impregnates Detroit (VIDEO)

The latest Joe Fauria touchdown dance involved some uber-serious twerking that, my goodness, may have been a bit much.  Caution: do not look directly at him.  Caution #2: all women should try this at home. Guys, absolutely

Ndamukong Suh surprises Lions linemen with ugly Christmas sweaters (PHOTOS)

The Lions defensive linemen walked into the locker room and found ugly Christmas sweaters at their respective lockers, courtesy of their leader Ndamukong Suh, or so it was suspected.  Tis the freakin’ season for the 8-4 Lions.

Kelly Hall takes (and makes) more three-pointers (VIDEO)

Kelly Hall stood up to the haters Wednesday by showing that the three-point barrage video she posted earlier this week was not a fluke.  The former Georgia cheerleader and current Matthew Stafford fiancee can flat out stroke

Dominic Raiola dives at Patriots DT’s knees because he’s a jerk (VIDEO)

Dominic Raiola took matters into his own hands Sunday as he dove into Patrios defensive lineman Zach Moore’s knees after the final play.  You see, Raiola was mad that the Patriots are better at football than the