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PHOTOS: Ndamukong Suh buys ridiculous Fort Lauderdale mansion

Ndamukong Suh didn’t mess around finding a house in Florida after signing his six-year, $114 million contract with the Miami Dolphins.  He settled on an 11,142 square-foot Fort Lauderdale mansion. Built in 2013, the house has 100

Matthew Stafford and wife Kelly Dubsmash batting Rodgers and Munn

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and girlfriend Olivia Munn discovered Dubsmash Saturday morning and went crazy on Instagram, including this decent Mariah Carey re-make.  A few hours later, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and wife Kelly decided to Dubsmash

Lions gouging media for ethernet cables at Ford Field

Despite not having to pay Ndamukong Suh a bajillion to stay in Detroit, the Lions are still going to gouge media members who wish to use ethernet cords in the press box.  According to’s Kyle Meinke,

VIDEO: Ameer Abdullah shows off fancy feet in first preseason game

If this run doesn’t have Lions fans drinking the Ameer Abdullah Kool-Aid this early on in the preseason, I’m not sure if anything will.  In the first quarter of the Lions’ first preseason tilt against the Jets,

Lions WR Ryan Broyles lives on $60,000 budget

Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles is in the final year of a $3.68 million rookie deal that included $1.42 million in guarantees and has averaged $919,625 a year.  But, he didn’t blow it out after signing the seven-figure deal

VIDEO: Lions practice tip drill

You hear all the time (and then some) about NFL and college teams working on the tip drill.  Yet, we actually never see teams working on the tip drill (because the overwhelming majority of practices are closed,

Matthew and Kelly Stafford’s new Dish Network commercial

I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen much worse.  The painting of Stafford winking back at Stafford is hilarious. [Detroit Free Press]

Top 5 Mel Farr Commercials

As I am sure you have heard, Mel Farr passed away Monday at the age of 70.  The former All-American running back from UCLA and first round draft pick by the Lions in 1967 went on to

PHOTO: Lions LB DeAndre Levy sled down active volcano

Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy doesn’t just play with reckless abandon on the field.  He’s a madman off of it too.  On Saturday, he posted a picture to Instagram of him sledding down an active volcano in Leon,

Lions fan turns ducklings into Lions fans…kind of

I have never understood the cliche that fans drink their team’s Kool-Aid.  But, who am I to say that this saying doesn’t make sense?  Granted, it doesn’t.  Anyway, a Lions fan forced his fandom on four innocent