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PHOTOS: Former Lions RB Reggie Bush selling Birmingham, MI home

Seeing as he’s a San Francisco 49er now, former Lions running back Reggie Bush is looking to sell his newly-renovated Birmingham, Michigan home. Bush purchased the 8,000 square-foot home for $1.8 million in 2013 and he will

Matthew and Kelly Stafford’s wedding video

I’m not sure if you heard or not (you totally heard), but Matthew Stafford got married to longtime girlfriend Kelly Hall earlier this summer. We have seen their registry. We have seen pictures.  We saw the video

Calvin Johnson sent Jordan Spieth autographed memorabilia

Dustin Johnson’s missed birdie putt from five feet Sunday was possibly the best gift Jordan Spieth received over the weekend, but to say it’s was the coolest is debatable. During the tournament, Spieth received an autographed football and jersey

VIDEO: BMX rider dominates the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome

His name is Tyler Fernengel.  He’s a 19 year old BMXer and a native metro Detroiter.  He recently road his bike through the depths of the abandoned and looted Pontiac Silverdome.  And he recorded it.  According to, Fernengel

Silverdome urinal signed by Barry Sanders for sale on eBay

Because who doesn’t want a urinal signed by Barry Sanders?  A one-of-a-kind item, the urinal from the now ravaged Pontiac Silverdome, signed by Barry Sanders if you head over to eBay. Seller mgk086 describes this beauty: I’m

VIDEO: Joseph Fauria’s Audi, Sam Martin’s Land Rover pimped out at Detroit customs shop

Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria and punter Sam Martin hit the Detroit version of extinct MTV show “Pimp my Ride” with Xzibit.  The two hit up Dynamic Customs Detroit to get their Audi and Land Rover, respectively,

PHOTO: Calvin Johnson gave David Price a pair of spikes

David Price posted a photo to Twitter Friday of his new spikes, thanks to fellow Detroit stud athlete, Calvin Johnson.  Megatron’s people apparently didn’t do their homework prior to the gift-giving, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I

PHOTOS: Ndamukong Suh selling his Birmingham, MI home for $3.45 million

It’s surprising to me that Ndamukong Suh didn’t list his Birmingham, Michigan house some time last year.  He knew he was leaving Detroit.  The 7,394-square-foot home at 855 Pleasant Street that he bought in 2012 could be yours

Video: Ndamukong Suh arm wrestled Warren Buffett

On Monday morning, Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and billionaire Warren Buffett arm wrestled on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’. Suh has been chums with the 84-year old tycoon for some time now.  If you remember, Buffett was on-hand

Photos: Matthew and Kelly Stafford sky dived and bungee jumped in New Zealand

Newlyweds Matthew and Kelly Stafford lived on the edge during their honeymoon in New Zealand this past week.  And by living on the edge, I mean they went sky diving and bungee jumping.  That sound you hear