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Mrs. Matthew Stafford, Kelly Hall, does the worm like no other (VIDEO)

Over Fourth of July weekend, Kelly Hall showed off a talent that the internet didn’t know she had.  She did the worm.  And, she did it well.  The future Mrs. Stafford likes herself a good time and

Detroit Pride Cheerleaders “Finals Showcase” (VIDEO)

The Detroit Pride Cheerleaders recently held their annual “Finals Showcase” to pick their 28-woman roster.  40 tried out, sported bikinis and cocktail dresses and walked the catwalk.  Partway through some lucky creepy old dudes in Lions outfits and

Amanda Dufner enjoyed her Fourth of July weekend (PHOTOS)

According to the Instagram account of Mrs. Amanda Dufner, wife of PGAer Jason Dufner, she had a rather fun Fourth of July weekend.  According to my eyes, it was an extremely lovely Fourth of July weekend.  Hint:

Top Ten WAGs of the World Cup (Gallery)

Soccer players get all the girls who like physically fit guys who flop around on the ground like a fish on a dock.  They get the women who prefer the little white shorts.  They get the women

SI Swimsuit models sing Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” (VIDEO)

Sports Illustrated swimsuit models – Ariel Meredith, Sara Sampaio and company – recently were filmed singing Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” because models need more camera time. Take it from me.  It’s terrible.  But, you should watch

Jen Selter’s 25 Best Instagram Pictures

Jen Selter is a 20-year old model from New York City.  A workout warrior.  An Instagram hero.  She has over 3.6 million followers on Instagram and in a article claimed to own 300-400 pairs of leggings.

Kate Upton sits on ex Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s lap. Uh oh, Tigers.

Have Kate Upton and Justin Verlander taken a break from playing house again? She was spotted at Tao NY sitting on the lap of ex-boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars buffoon Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  You don’t just sit on buffoons’

WAGs of the 2014 Stanley Cup (PHOTOS)

The WAGs of the final two Stanley Cup contenders are wrap-around, top shelf wristers. In not-so-breaking news, chicks did professional athletes.  They (the chicks) like professional athletes that much more when said athletes play in big cities.  In other

Kelly Hall, Matthew Stafford’s fiancee, bikini filled vacation weekend (PHOTOS)

So, I’m not sure what you did this weekend.  But, I’ll go out on a limb and bet that you didn’t have more fun than Kelly Hall, Matthew Stafford’s fiancee.  Hall attended a girlfriend’s bachelorette party weekend

Soccer hottie Alex Morgan hits PERFECT shot at the driving range (VIDEO)

With this Instagram video, U.S. Women’s National Team member and IASID fave Alex Morgan thrust herself into the conversation for my perfect golf foursome.  A friend of hers/saint recorded Morgan hitting an iron at a driving range. Alex