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Ndamukong Suh reportedly tells Dolphins teammates ‘I run this defense’; Suh replies

Ndamukong Suh has, reportedly, made a monumental claim to his teammates that he runs the Miami Dolphins defense.  And while Ndamukong Suh has done plenty of moronic things in his five-plus years in the NFL, this could go

VIDEO: Ndamukong Suh advises the refs to blow whistle or bad things will happen

During the third quarter of Sunday’s Dolphins-Bills game, Ndamukong Suh had Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor dead to rights.  Surprisingly, Suh used restraint and merely swung Taylor around expecting the whistle to blow.  The whistle didn’t blow and Taylor

This Nike Snow Day commercial is great

“Roads are closed. School is canceled. The game is on. Get out here.”  It starts with Rob Gronkowski sticking his head THROUGH a glass window for goodness sakes. It features Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, LeSean McCoy, Luke Kuechly, Odell

VIDEO: Staffer in London makes hilarious face following Ndamukong Suh press conference

This staffer stole the internet show following Ndamukong Suh’s obnoxious press conference Sunday after the Dolphins blowout loss to the Jets. If you remember, Suh may (or may not) have kicked Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in the

VIDEO: Did Ndamukong Suh intentionally kick Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Did Ndamukong Suh think he could get away with a subtle kick to Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s head Sunday in London?  The game, which started at 9:30 AM Eastern, got away from the Dolphins early and, let’s

VIDEO: Did Ndamukong Suh kick Alfred Morris’ helmet off?

Same buffoon (Ndamukong Suh), different team (Miami Dolphins), same shenanigans.  Cameras caught him kicking the helmet off of Redskins running back Alfred Morris’ head.  Now that he’s not a Lion, maybe Lions fans will finally realize what

PHOTOS: Ndamukong Suh buys ridiculous Fort Lauderdale mansion

Ndamukong Suh didn’t mess around finding a house in Florida after signing his six-year, $114 million contract with the Miami Dolphins.  He settled on an 11,142 square-foot Fort Lauderdale mansion. Built in 2013, the house has 100

PHOTOS: Ndamukong Suh selling his Birmingham, MI home for $3.45 million

It’s surprising to me that Ndamukong Suh didn’t list his Birmingham, Michigan house some time last year.  He knew he was leaving Detroit.  The 7,394-square-foot home at 855 Pleasant Street that he bought in 2012 could be yours

Video: Ndamukong Suh arm wrestled Warren Buffett

On Monday morning, Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and billionaire Warren Buffett arm wrestled on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’. Suh has been chums with the 84-year old tycoon for some time now.  If you remember, Buffett was on-hand

Ndamukong Suh “This is a wall” billboard removed (PHOTO)

As some Ndamukong Suh billboards were going up, another one was coming down. The “This is a wall” billboard two blocks from Ford Field was removed Wednesday, just another sign that Suh will not be in Detroit