Tyler Hansbrough got really mad, backed down from Metta World Peace

via Vine

via Vine

Tyler Hansbrough is one of the tougher athletes that doesn’t get credit for being a tough athlete, hence the whole “Psycho T” nickname.  The guy has taken a beating since his days at North Carolina (right, Gerald Henderson?).  I don’t remember seeing him back down from anyone.  Until now.

On Monday, Hansbrough took a somewhat hard foul from Metta World Peace.  With his back turned, Hansbrough was ready to go off on whomever the fouling party was.  That was, until he turned around and saw that the guy dishing out the harm was MWP.

At that point, it appears that Hansbrough takes the blame with a “my bad.”

Psycho T has met his match.

[The Big Lead]

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