Video released of Michigan WR Csont’e York punching guy



On Tuesday, Ann Arbor, MI police released a surveillance video that shows a man believed to be Michigan wide receiver Csont’e York punching a man outside Scorekeeper’s bar in Ann Arbor on July 18th.  Following an argument, York allegedly punched John Lavoie-Mayer in the face after an argument, breaking his jaw and sending him to the hospital for eventual surgery.

Under questioning on the night of the punch, York admitted to police, “I got nervous about the situation, so I hit the guy.”  He also said he hit Lavoie-Mayer with a closed right-hand fist and fled the scene.

York, 20, said he only had a little to drink and his blood alcohol content, taken two hours after the incident was 0.57, below the legal driving limit of 0.8.  He faces three charges, one of aggravated assault and one of assault/battery against Lavoie-Mayer, and one of assault/battery for pushing another guy.  Michigan head coach has suspended York indefinitely from the team.

York should being practicing with the Wayne County jail team in the fall.

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