Wizards’ Jan Vesely gives us one of the worst free throws ever (VIDEO)

As it stands right now, the Washington Wizards are a mediocre basketball team.  On Saturday, they played the Detroit Pistons – another mediocre basketball team.  Wizards forward Jan Vesely took the cue and tossed up one of the most mediocre (see also terrible) free throws in the history of free throws.

Of course, Vesely is no stranger to horrid free throws. Also during Saturday’s game, in which the Pistons won 104-98, Vesely made his first free throw in his last 15 tries. Ergo, I’m sure you won’t be shocked when I tell you he’s shooting 25% from the charity stripe on the year.  He’s making $3.3 million this year to make one of our four free throws.  Decent fifth graders can hit more than 25% from the line.  Let that sink in for a minute.

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