Yankees radio play-by-play man John Sterling botches A-Rod home run call AUDIO

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Yankees radio play-by-play man John Sterling wanted Alex Rodriguez to hit his 654th career home run so badly Tuesday night.  He tried to talk the ball over the right field wall at Rogers Centre, but Blue Jays right fielder Rajai Davis had other ideas.

A-Rod hit a ball deep to right and Sterling, assuming it was hit hard enough to be gone, went ahead with his usual “It is high, it is far, it is gone” call.  It was gone right into Davis’ glove.

Sterling’s recovery was smooth like 60-grit sandpaper.

“That ball is high, it is far, it is gone … It hit and kicked over. (pause) I’m sorry, I’m sorry I got that all wrong. At the wall Davis made the catch, honestly I didn’t think he made it. I thought he gave up on the ball that’s why I thought it was out.”

I understand that old men sometimes don’t always see things as they should. And I also understand that Sterling is responsible for one of the most obnoxious calls in sports. It’s a shame that the Yankees couldn’t score tonight and lost 2-0 to the Jays. It’s a shame that the “Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankeeeees (didn’t) win.” Oh wait, a minute. Davis caught the ball. And the Yankees lost. I’m sorry I’m not sorry, John.

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