If my last name was Clapp and people called me Stubby, I’d be an angry little ball of fire too.  Clapp is the manager of the Astros’ Single-A affiliate, the Tri-City Valleycats, after he had a cup of coffee with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2001.  

It didn’t take much for little Stubby to cough up a hairball after he thought his hitter was hit by a pitch in Sunday‘s game.  The homeplate umpire invaded Stubby’s litter box and Stubby went berzerk. Maybe Stubby was ready for an early dinner. My cat swears at me all the time when his bowl is empty.  Stubby said he spent the last six innings of the game taking sneak peaks through the clubhouse door and sitting in the stands.

The irony of the whole situation and no, I’m not making this up – Duffy was hit by the next pitch after Clapp’s tirade.