Photo of former NBA center Matt Geiger interfering with Carlos Pena on a foul pop-upMatt Geiger is a lot of things.  He’s a former NBA journeyman center who played for the 76ers, Heat and Hornets.  He’s a Tampa Bay Rays fan.  And today, he tried to become Steve Bartman.  Rays 1B Carlos Pena was chasing a foul pop-up down over by the wall down the first baseline and had a bead on it until Matt Geiger’s seven foot frame appeared out of nowhere.

Geiger interfered with Pena causing the ball to land harmlessly in the stands.  As the video shows, Geiger was escorted out of Tropicana Field by security.  The tape also shows why Geiger only averaged 5.7 rebounds over the course of his ten year NBA career.