Home run trots are the best.  It’s a player’s chance for the spotlight and attention of 30,000 screaming fans to be on him (unless you play for the Marlins).  It’s his moment in the sun.  Enjoy it.  Just don’t hurt yourself.  Wait, what?  Hurt myself jogging around the bases?  Are you serious?  Quite serious.  Ask the Orioles Luke Scott.

Scott took A’s lefty Cedrick Bowers deep to left center field, then proceeded to pull his hamstring as he rounded first base.  Atta boy, Luke.  Way to make baseball players look like athletes.

See Luke hit, see Luke embarrass mankind…

This wouldn’t be the first dumb injury the Orioles have had this year.  Brad Bergesen also embarrassed himself, but not to Scott’s extent.  These poor birds can’t get out of their own way.